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  1. thanks all for the answers, if anyone fancy a beer watching the matches, let me know
  2. I think the best compromise is around on nut- udom suk
  3. I live in the On Nut area, and I use to go in the massage shops in soi 79 i have visited those shop like 20 25 times or so and i can tell u guys for sure that sometime they offer extra, you just have to be lucky to be associated to the right girl, cause they dont let u choose. i can say that i get extra 30 or 40 % of the times, mostly with the older ladies. I love when i go to the massage shops and dont know what will happens, i love the excitement to look in the lady eyes, when she wash my feet, trying to understand if she will play my Willy or not. btw even if u dont get any extra the massage is excellent. imo it worth give those shops a chance
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