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  1. While both Coronavirus and Influenza are both RNA Virus types they are not the same family. Coronavirus is subfamily Orthocoronavirinae, in the family Coronaviridae, order Nidovirales, and realm Riboviria. Infuenza is family Orthomyxoviridae order Articulavirales and realm Riboviria And while the symptoms are similar the viruses themselves are very different. With the flu strains there are vaccines and ant-viral treatments available. There are currently no commercially available vaccines or anti-viral treatments for any coronovirus strains. But there has been extensive work on MERS and SARS that may help develop a vaccine for this strain in a more timely manner. https://theconversation.com/when-will-there-be-a-coronavirus-vaccine-5-questions-answered-130590 For actually comparison points the "Common Cold" is actually a coronavirus HCoV-229E.
  2. Chinese New Year this weekend so I would expect an influx of tourists from there.
  3. You will have fresh breath, nothing more. By the time you Listerine any exposure has already happened.
  4. Yep just saw that. Smack dab in the middle of my trip. No big deal its only one day, not like being there the week the King unfortunately passed.
  5. Sorry to hear about your troubles. There is an app called Air Help which is supposed to help getting compensation from Airlines for these types of issues. I have not personally had to use it (knock wood) but my coworker recommended it to me at one point. Best of luck and enjoy the rest of your holiday.
  6. Craft on Soi 23 has a big beer selection from around the world. They may have it. It was a nice place to sit outside and enjoy a pint. They do have a rolling tap list that constantly changing so they may or may not have exactly what you are looking for when you are there. But i would be a good place to look.
  7. I go to RainTree. There are two locations on Sukhumvit one is Soi 23. The other I think is 11 but not totally sure on that one.
  8. If I were renting the whole thing with friends possibly. We have done that in the past with a large suite with multiple bedrooms. But i would not do a shared space with a bunch of strangers. I would not be comfortable in that environment.
  9. My next trip I will land in the morning on Saturday around 9:30am. I usually land in the wee hours of the morning. Any one have airport experience at this time. I know fast track is not worth it at 2am, it was at 5pm. This time is an unknown for me so if anyone has any idea if Sat 10a is a busy time for immigration that would be a big help. I tried Google but it was useless for this info.
  10. I use the View new Content Button on the Top of the page and it seems that there is plenty of new content coming in (Thank you all for the continued participation). For me being out of BKK most of the year except for my 2 1 week incursions, this is a great page to keep a pulse on the action as well as plan new areas to see when I am luck enough to get back. Now many of the other webpages do have stale information. And to make matters worse I see them republishing articles with new dates but the same stale content. I just saw an Article dated June 2018 on another website that had Climax and Bangkok Beat on the Top 5 Clubs to meet freelancers. Unless something has changed since April both those places have been closed going on a year or more. So I have no complaints about this site and the posters on here are great. Keep up the good work - Gents.
  11. 8. Take a walk around Lumpini Park. Join in the Tai Chi or yoga groups. Watch the Monitor(?) Lizards. Jog. As an added bonus there is an elevated foot path from Suk Soi 10 to the NE corner of Lumpini. I know this is an old post that I was looking through. You know got that feeling as the days get closer. Saw this section and was curious if this eleveated footpath (shortcut) still exists. With all the new buildings and changes around Suk. I would love to try this walk during the morning if it still exists. Thanks for the help.
  12. I have used this on in the past. A bit pricey but works. Website still seems to indicate the service is available. https://www.limousine.in.th/fast-track-immigration.html
  13. There is a great app called Next Station which is sort of like a GPS for Mass Transit in BKK. It will show you where you are and since you know what station you want to go to just put that in the search. It will show you best route and even has a fare calculator. When you click on a Station to highlight it it shows the available exits and what attractions or other buildings are available from that exit. You can also search by attraction and it will show you closest station to get there. It is a really handy app when in BKK.
  14. I use an app called Keep Safe which stores the pictures of my Passport in the Cloud. If my phone gets stolen they cannot access much of anything on my phone without the Passwords. I also have an Application Lock App which locks all my other apps password protected. If they try to uninstall it without the password after 3 tries it wipes the phone.Learned from the unfortunate experience of having had my phone stolen in the past....
  15. Eva all day every day. China eastern is routinely 200+ Us dollars cheaper for me but after numerous trips on CEA and through Shanghai or Beijing, i would gladly pay more to avoid it. Eva is awesome and Taipei is a great connection city.
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