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  1. perfect, will go for that, thanks mate!
  2. thanks, but since I`m not planning to stay any longer in BKK and need to visit gym exactly 4 times then paying 3,5k THB is still a bit overkill, isnt it? :)
  3. Thanks, just checked a prices on the other forum and it seems it`s around 4k THB for a month incl. sub. fee, that is IMO an overkill, any other places available?
  4. Hello everybody, I`m looking for a big/nice gym in Bangkok where I can pay per visit or hour. I`m staying here for 2,5 weeks and have a gym in hotel, but it`s crazily small and I`m a powerlifter. My hotel is located close to the BTS, so everything in the range of BTS is very ok. Due to a work I can only train on fridays and a weekends. Any advice? cheers
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