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  1. Technically illegal but obviously goes on , personally I would want to risk it for the sake of a few quid/bucks just in case you have company & there’s a knock at the door
  2. $10 they will ask for $15 but stand firm plenty are willing to take it
  3. The price difference is the price of a ST I know what I’d do
  4. Just a quick update , I stayed here for 2 nights at end of March , it’s GF took 2 ladies back on different nights only had to sign them in with ID no questions asked
  5. Some of the LB on Bangla were too notch was really tempted every night
  6. Done it a few times in Bangkok & Pattaya & never had any ill effects Guess it’s just pot luck
  7. Hardly expensive Dtac are offering 7 day for 199/299 baht
  8. Nice one appreciate your feedback Am only there for 2 nights at end of my trip but plan on having company
  9. Looking for same Booked here to stay in March next year am reading conflicting reports of it not been GF Don’t want to contact hotel directly as maybe not get the answer I want , have booked suite for 2 people so hoping it’s going to be ok
  10. So your basically subletting What are you paying for the whole place ?
  11. Not used it but used Thailand trains before and always good Wouldn’t bother to use it for Pattaya though I’d go by minivan if from Bangkok
  12. Nice looking cannot warrant the price I stay at a serviced apartment on soi 33 for under 2000b a night huge room intact it’s a suite , fitness centre and pool on the roof , only thing that’s not included is breakfast
  13. Have looked at retro 39 in past but passed on it , Rezt on soi 22 is good
  14. ARL for me now as I stay in same hotel at phrom phong BTS it’s easy for me than getting a taxi
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