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  1. Hello Mongers, So I was looking for affordable options around the action area. I dropped a message to dozens of hotels via Agoda, following replied: My query was following: Hi, No charging 3. Smart Suits Hotel Greetings from Smart Suites, Thanks for your email. I would like to inform you that, our hotel is guest friendly as its free of charge. But you need to provide his/her identity card at reception for security purposes. Please feel free to ask if you have any query. 4.Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel Greetings from Ruamchitt Hotel. Regarding your question, all room type in our hotel can stay for 2 person. If you stay alone you can bring another one guest to your room by free of charge but if you have guests more than 2 person please be informed that for the 3rd person we have to charge 500THB per person per night. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you soon. Best Regards, 5.City Lodge Soi 9 Thank you for your interested to stay with us. We do not any charge for joiner. (free) Looking forward to welcome you soon. Best regards, 6.CheQinn by Jellybean Hostels (standard double room) Greetings from CheQinn by Jellybean Hostels! We have NO joiners fee , only if are more than 3 people in the room. Management 7. Heaven at 4 Hotel Dear Guest, Thank you for your enquiry. Please note that the hotel is guest friendly. But we do charge bath 700 for the third person in the room. Thank you very much 8. Cozy at Ten Hotel Yes, We're allow a friendly guest 1 person maximum by free of charge. Regards, Reservation "
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    Visa query

    Hi guys, So I got visa as a tourist, type: TR, no of entry: s, Im assuming single entry, which is fine. says 'Enter Before 20th October' Does it mean i have to also exit before 20th? Or say I can enter on 19th and they'll permit me to stay for x number of days? how does this work? My work schedule has been such that it's postponed till the end, i'll probably enter next week, but i want to know how the exit is determined, i'll offcourse have return ticket and dont plan to stay more than 5-6 days. thanks
  3. Hi, There's an option via agoda or booking to directly message the facility and ask them. Just narrowdown your top-10 list of accomodation and copy/paste send to everyone. I had asked for +1, which most of them were fine with, but for additional 1 person (i.e. 3 in room), the costs were 500-900 baht. Thanks
  4. Hi guys, Planning 7 nights trip to Bangkok. Was wondering better to stay in somewhere between or pick one of the sites? how have been your experiences? I'd like to visit both the places, obviously. Does it matter to the working ladies etc? Thinking between Sukh 7-9 / that area in general. Thanks!
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