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  1. Yes, the rooms are small, OK for a night or two but does feel cramped.
  2. I stayed a couple of nights 18 months or so ago. Nice new hotel then. Great price. Wouldn’t stay longer than a couple of nights as away from the parts of town I frequent.
  3. Rabbit for sure. No queuing. Used it a dozen times on one trip and only once last trip. Money remains on the card until next time.
  4. Four Points on soi 15 is fine. Cowboy to hotel is a walk and they have a ‘rear’ entrance on soi 17. Never had a problem with a GG walking. Nice hotel. Good rooftop bar and pub downstairs.
  5. I have been to Brewski, IMHO the views are different to Sky Bar and a totally different vibe. Sukhumvit and Silom are vastly different skylines...and neither is cheap!
  6. Great. Sounds like a decent hotel. Less than a week to go for me...
  7. Hey, any recent reports? I am there next week for a few nights.
  8. Thanks. I was wondering about the noise during the day and your review has certainly put me off.
  9. Thanks for the report. Do,you have any photos of the facilities?
  10. Depending on your age and ability it us certainly walkable from the top end if soi 11.
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