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  1. I prefer Vertigo over both Red Sky and Sky bar. The food we had at Red Sky was only so-so. They could not cook a steak to medium-rare as one person in our groups sent theirs back for another try.
  2. I have to agree with many here. The tolerance is only superficial. In public they are tolerant of farang, but in Private they all gossip about them. They gossip about the women that are with them as well. They are also very racist, as they don't trust any black or Indian people at all. In the south many also don;t trust muslims as it is always a muslim blowing up shit in the south.
  3. You can never be too safe. I always lock all my stuff into my luggage when I am out. My bag weighs close to 30Kg with all my stuff inside and would be hard for some of the maids to even move. Plus I take a cable lock with me and sometimes lock my luggage to a piece of furniture in the room. The safes in Thailand are only there to make you feel better. There is always a "master key" way to open them, normally through a small panel on the front that needs a screwdriver to get opened. Having said the above, I have never had ANYTHING stolen from my hotel rooms and never been pickpocketed. I have walked all over bangkok at all hours of the day and never felt threatened. It is far safer than in the USA in any big city at night...
  4. The King And I Spa and Massage Soi 12. They are pricey (about 1400 baht for 2 hours), but I have never had a better massage in my life. And they never ask about any "special" massages.
  5. The only way to get a free ATM is to have a Thai bank Account. Unfortunately they all charge the 220 baht fee for any international transaction. Also be aware, every ATM will ask you if you want to use their special "Conversion factor". Always answer NO, "Continue without conversion" as the rates your bank use will be much better (At least from the USA they are). The other way is if you have a smaller bank in the USA that refunds the ATM fees, but I'm not sure they refund the international fees (only ATM fees from the other US banks). Also, if you need a superrich and rode the Airport Rail Link, there is a branch at the PhayaThai - Airport Rail Link station now.
  6. They can be found in Sugar but not as many as Levels or Insanity. In my opinion you should bring a girl into Sugar for the music and fun and not pick on up there.
  7. My Go-to Hip Hop club is Sugar Club on Soi 11 Sukhumvit. Buy a bottle and that will get you a table nearest to the dancefloor. Otherwise, if you buy one drink at a time you can get "relocated" by another person you does buy a bottle. Also, there are three levels to this place, but the third level has more EDM style and some nice dark places for extra curricular activities.
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