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  1. 1st Dec it is. The PM outlined this today. No quarantine from 1st Nov from the UK (if vaccinated).
  2. It’s improving. Cases aren’t a real indicator as that reliant on testing, but less are dying and the ICU wards are no longer overrun. Plus, they are getting their act together with vaccinations. Slowly heading in the right direction.
  3. It’s got to be better than being confined to a hotel room. I know some people who are there; it was a bit of a fuck about with the paperwork and tests, but ultimately quite a smooth process.
  4. Samui one opened today. No domestic travel there though at the moment as far as I know.
  5. Go careful. Lots of ladyboys on that soi. Some fun bars sometimes though.
  6. It is a bar on the left before the Aussie place. I think the girls who are outside there are all massage girls. It was during the period before the bars reopened, so I guess she was pretty desperate.
  7. A fair few are open, but on the left as you go down there are a load of girls. You tell them you want a beer and you get taken into a side room where you can have some drinks. Obviously they will join you. I had one sucking me the other day trying to convince me to take her; I genuinely just wanted a beer so she sucked for a few minutes even though I told her I wasn’t bothered. Top marks for effort though.
  8. They will fuck where they suck. Some have separate rooms at extra cost, but most will get freaky in the normal spots.
  9. One of the bars on 7/1 is ok for a cheeky beer at the moment. You can get a blow job on the couch for 300THB.
  10. It is a huge metropolitan city. As with any city if this size, there is obviously crime. But generally Bangkok is pretty safe. You are far safer here than most Western large cities.
  11. More things easing in the next few days. No bars though. If figures stay low, that will be another couple weeks away for sure. No flights (for tourists) into Thailand until the end of June. Probably even longer I reckon. When flights are allowed, there will no doubt be some sorts of restrictions (quarantine or/and medical fitness letter). If numbers remain low, my best guess for a best case scenario for a punter sat in a bar (who knows what restrictions bars will have to have?) surrounded by lovelies would be September/October. All it takes is a quick spike though, and that would be straight out of the window
  12. Have a look at Jacks bar by the river. It isn’t posh, but has a great feel to it. Their food is good and they do have nice wine. Definitely more casual, but plenty of Thais prefer this.
  13. It is just practice. Chopstick for noodles and spoon for rice. I actually find it weird trying to eat noodles without chopsticks now.
  14. It’s confirmed. Booze available again on Sunday day. Has to be take away. Can visit restaurants too, so that is good.
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