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  1. Prachak duck. Find it on google maps. Best duck in Bangkok and cheap too.
  2. It has been in place for about 6 months now, only lots of places don’t bother to get you to do it. You only need to register your card once though.
  3. Don’t get a bike to tour the island. Seriously. There are so many accidents......get a car, they are cheap enough.
  4. Opposite the ploen chit centre (only 2 minute walk from soi 4) are are couple of seafood markets/eating place. Amazing food and really cheap.
  5. Well, it is a risk worth taking I think. Easily the best way to get a girl set and in the mood.
  6. Yeah, very true. I might try one in the next few weeks. Cheers.
  7. Are soapy experiences that much better than some of the “normal” massage places? Don’t know if it is worth the hassle of traveling away from the main drinking areas to get something I can get on Sukhumvit?
  8. Once went to the one near the train station (Cleopatras) I think. It was decent with a pretty big fishbowl selection. I don’t remember the price as I was roaring drunk.
  9. Use the rail if possible. Simply to avoid the Bangkok traffic. If you must take a car, make sure the taxi is on meter or get a grab.
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