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  1. I read that some girls from the new Soi 7 complex have tested positive. Glad a haven’t been there recently.
  2. Herbby

    Visa extension

    That is good. I think they are trying to be as flexible as possible now. A load of overstayers just causing them more problems.
  3. Herbby

    Visa extension

    Your extension for 30 days is effective from whenever you visit immigration. They won’t give two hoots about your onward travel from Vietnam.
  4. Well, the big organised stuff is already canned. I wonder if bars will be enforced to not partake too? This next few months will really see some bars struggle and more than likely close.
  5. I don’t think we could be far away from bars and restaurants closing you know. Other countries are now doing this and health minister here has already risen the possibility. If there is a surge of cases I can see that happening. Would be bad news for all the bar girls. They would be fucked (and not in the way they usually are).
  6. Probably not. Brunei has banned people leaving though.
  7. Margarita Storm at the top of Soi 13 is a decent option. Open 24hrs and you can get a decent breakfast there too.
  8. The alley connecting soi 2 and 4 (next to Hillary 1) there is The Mexican which is authentic Tex Mex. amazing cocktails too.
  9. Prachak duck. Find it on google maps. Best duck in Bangkok and cheap too.
  10. It has been in place for about 6 months now, only lots of places don’t bother to get you to do it. You only need to register your card once though.
  11. Don’t get a bike to tour the island. Seriously. There are so many accidents......get a car, they are cheap enough.
  12. Opposite the ploen chit centre (only 2 minute walk from soi 4) are are couple of seafood markets/eating place. Amazing food and really cheap.
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