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  1. Hey, I'd like to start this 2019 joining a different kind of tour. I like riding motorcycles, but I've never joined a motorcycle tour, so I guess it'd be a nice idea. Any company do you suggest that organizes this kind of tours? Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Hey guys! I'd like to try something new to become healthier, and I've heard many wonderful things about detox retreats. You know, a place where they give you a specific program to follow which includes a special diet, juices and activities like yoga, meditation and reiki, along with other healing treatments. I'd like something like this, but preferably, located in an island. Which one would you suggest? Thanks!
  3. Most people who are afraid of getting tattooed in Bangkok or any other Thai city is due to bad press and generally non-sense fear. But well, you have to know that most tattoo parlors here use the same hygiene standards as studios in NYC, London, Tokyo, etc. You get the picture: there's nothing to worry about if the parlor is good and reputable. With the internet you can quickly tell if a studio is good or not, because you can look for reviews online... However, when I arrived here I didn't have a single tattoo lol, but I got inked for the first time in All Day Tattoo Studio, and the experi
  4. Sazae is pretty good imho, I really like them and visit when I have the opportunity to.
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