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  1. Yah it's girl friendly. I just skip the front desk most of the time, but I did go once and it was fine. I'm not worried about the girls from gogos pulling anything. Not even freelancers. I never have issues in Thailand. Philippines yes. Some of the girls are worried about corona I guess, but doesn't seem to affect anything around Nana. I'm down here in Pattaya for 7 days now and there is a HUGE difference here. None of the beach chairs or umbrellas are set up on the beach and hardly anyone walking around. I'm guessing the bars will be packed anyway though. Latest I heard is CDC thinks
  2. So Lohas might be my new favorite hotel in the area. It's more like a condo than a hotel. Big room. Fuck mirror by bed. Big bathroom. Kitchen. Laundry machine. Toilet even has one of those water squirt things too to clean your asshole which is always a bit of fun haha. There is also a sort of hidden path that you don't see on Google Maps so the walk up to Nana Plaza isn't actually far at all. $42/night with free breakfast... Great deal to me. Only downside I guess is that the room isn't very modern looking. Furniture semi oldish dark brown, but it's really not that bad looking.
  3. Oh yah, BTW, brought my vape this year. No one said shit. The more often I come here the more relaxed I get with rules I guess. For example, the other night the door guy at Crazy House wanted 500 baht cover. I laughed and walked past him inside.
  4. I booked my next 5 nights at Lohas Residences Sukhumvit. Looks to have a relatively big mirror by the bed. Closer to the action than Alt Nana. Only $42 per night for 4.5 star. Has a kitchen and laundry and all that. We'll see how that one goes. The no smoking thing on the balcony is really fucking stupid. I usually do it anyway and no one catches me. Just look around for cameras first.
  5. I'm here now. It's ok. Room is big. The mirrors are huge. My room does have a balcony, but you're not allowed to smoke on it, so no point really. There are also two huge AC units on the balcony, so it's not really a balcony. I'm on the 15th floor and the WiFi isn't great. up here. Pool is under construction, but you can use the pool at Grand Sukhumvit across the street. Overall, if it wasn't for the mirrors I wouldn't stay here. My two go-to hotels in Bangkok are Alt Hotel Nana and the new The Quarter hotel PhromPhong. Alt Hotel Nana is excellent if you get the superior room. Can smoke on the
  6. Haha so I was on the Phachara Suites website looking at the premier room and I noticed "In Room washer cum dryer" was listed as an amenity. With my very own cum dryer, how can I NOT have a good time? Booked 4 nights.
  7. Good find my dude!! I'm going to book a few nights here. Exactly what I want. When I got her in doggy I love seeing her tits swinging around in the mirror. Reverse cowgirl with the mirror is good too. Everything is better with the mirror actually. You kind of feel like a porn star. Thanks Plahgat, but that mirror is too high. Don't think I'd be able to see her swinging tits.
  8. Yah I stayed in Baraquda a few times, but a long time ago. Don't remember the mirrors. Prefer Bangkok these days. Hrmmm. Will keep searching.
  9. Hey, over here in the Philippines for a little bit and it seems all these hotels have huge mirrors by the bed. It seems to add a lot to the fuck experience. I’ve stayed in several hotels around Bangkok and not any that I’ve stayed in have these. Does anyone know of one?
  10. Hey, a search on Google brings up a lot of results for this. Is it this one: 1871 ถนน อังรีดูนังต์ Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330 Or maybe this one? 1873 Ratchadamri Rd, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330
  11. Phuket is badass man. Me and a buddy went last year and had an amazing time. I'm going to Thailand again for 3 months with the same friend. Flight leaves tomorrow. First week in bangkok and then phuket around the 24th and then full moon party on koh phangan mid April. My advice for Phuket is just walk around Bangla at night and buy beers at 7 eleven. I had much more luck picking up girls doing this than going to any of the clubs where the music is so loud you can't even talk. It seems like everyone is just eye-fucking each other there, wanting to get down. I had an Australian ask me to fu
  12. Screw this hotel. The ac didn't work in any room they put me in
  13. hey there, Thought I'd come back here and let everyone know I've been MRSA free since late Feb. It came back again because the first doctor didn't prescribed me the muciprin for my nose. I felt these bumps in my nose and actually went back to the doctor to ask about it and they didn't prescribe anything despite knowing I had MRSA a month previous. So then I waited until Feb. when it came back on my hand and that's when they prescribed muciprin for the nose and the two antibotics. Hasn't come back since. Can't always trust one opinion on medical advice. An important life lesson. I have
  14. I've flown China Eastern and Air China. China Eastern was ok but Air China never again. Plane was super old, uncomfortable, terrible in-flight entertainment. Not comfortable. Quatar and Etihad were great.
  15. IDK. I thought it was just good piece of mind in case I got hit with a bus on a motor bike or something. I actually bought that insurance before I found out I had mrsa. But, no, no insurance through the bank.
  16. Hey, so if you saw my other thread I have MRSA now. There is a small chance that I could get a boil that progresses quickly and needs treatment within 24 hours. In the U.S. I save myself thousands of dollars and go to Urgent Care. Is there something like that in Thailand or do I just go straight to the hospital? I had my doc give me some antibotics just in case, but I still need to go to a doctor and get it lanced. I also bough travel insurance, but it only kicks in after like a $10,000 deductible. Was only $10. Just piece of mind. Thanks for your help!
  17. Yup. Condom. And yup, transferable through skin to skin contact. Unlike herpes, it's pretty unlikely you'll spread it when no symptoms are present, but you can. There just isn't as much research out there about this as there is for herpes. MRSA used to be mainly contracted in hospitals, but now it's showing up everywhere. There are 99 people on earthclinic.com that say a suppliment called Tumeric really helps to treat it. A lot of people say garlic baths eliminate it as well. You have to look for alternative treatments because if you keep going on the antibotics it may just continue to adapt y
  18. Hello all, Just did a search for MRSA on this forum and noticed not one person had mentioned it so thought I would make a post. I got a staph infection called MRSA after sex with this girl. Had these boils appear first on my legs, hands and arms and then about 3 weeks later a HUGE boil appeared under my armpit. This was the most pain I had ever been in. It was freaking HUGE! I went to an urgent care and the doc took one look and said it was a staph infection. I had never even heard about that before. He lanced the boil and gave me two different antibiotics. Cipro and doxycycline. I also ha
  19. I have no idea why you'd take antibotics throughout your stay in Thailand. If you wear a condom, you're probably not going to get any of the things that can be cured with antibotics anyway. With a condom, you'll get herpes or warts or a more general version of HPV. BBBJ could get you something weird a I suppose. You really just need to get tested at the end of your trip if you want to keep it off the records.
  20. Seems like FuramaXclusive is a good deal. $50 - $55 per night. 4 1/2 stars. Right next to Soi Cowboy. Big rooms. Upscale furniture. Bathroom away from bed. Booked for 4 nights. Will let you know how it is.
  21. I agree. Love that show. It does feel like an alternate reality. When I come back from LOS my mind is so fucked that I think it’s ok to slap the flight attendant on the ass. Every girl I look at I imagine her fucking haha. But yah, the more you treat them like a human being the more you realize they’re just like every other girl on the planet.
  22. I used Dave's Taxi Service the last time I was there for Bangkok to Pattaya. 1000 baht. The ride down to Pattaya was great. The ride back from Pattaya to Bangkok was also 1,000 but the driver was going at least 100 mph the whole time. Scared me shitless. I'd use em again though.
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