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  1. The guy was posting multiple bad reviews so the hotel asked for police assistance after he refused to talk with them. The police mediate issues like this all the time, no charges just oversee a meeting to sort out a dispute. He refused to turn up to the police summons, so an arrest warrant was issued. Unless Daddy owns Red Bull, if you get a summons by the police you go. The guy deserves everything he got.
  2. After being here for so long, I rarely go to the gogo's now. They're fun, but do find there's so many better options for the money. I do seem to spend too much and after a few drinks I'm a sucker for lady drinks, especially in the hands on place. It's now an occasional treat. Beer bars have never been my thing, I'm always happy to have a chat with someone, but again after being here so long its the same conversation each time. After a health scare I try not to drink too much now too, so when I do go out for a few drinks prefer to do it with friends rather than bar girls. I use massage places the most as they're easy, fun and good value. There's so much choice I pick the style of place depending on my mood. It's easy to walk down places like 24 or 24/1 and see a large selection of girls before deciding on where to go into or now being able to check the girl available on Line before even venturing out. If I want a cute young spinner I'll head towards certain places, PSE then others, a Nuru session with a busty Thai there's a few options now or if I'm wanting a 2 hour tease and denial session then I have my go to girl too. There's somewhere to suit every mood/ perversion I'm feeling that day. I'm a big fan of Kapoo Clubs too. The girls are often stunning and very different to bar girls. I do like the enthusiasm many have with being with a farang for the first time, so often like to head out to random suburban kapoos to try them out. Many seem like they may not ever want to date a farang or go home with one from a club, but like to have tried us out in the privacy of a Kapoo club 😁 The ease of a quick BJ in a BJ Bar is great too. I found many went downhill a lot a few years back and only had old, larger ladies, but the new places like 7 Heaven and Bit Style have some cute younger girls and I'm happy to pay a little more for a nicer room and a cuter girl. One of the best things about BK is how there's an option for everyone
  3. Can't comment on joiner fees, but Park Hyatt is the better hotel by far. Probably less guest friendly as its pushes towards high end customers. Sofitel is still good and an easy location for both Nana and Cowboy. Landmark is the oldest and most run down of the three, but very guest friendly. The new Hyatt Regency (almost next door to Sofitel) could be a good option too.
  4. A HJ is included in the price. Any extras will depend on the girl. Some won't do any more, others will really push for more. But expected tips are usually 500 baht topless, 1000 baht naked. Not sure about BJ or FS, been offered but never accepted.
  5. Yes. It's included in the price. Other options depends on the girl, but they're not pushy usually.
  6. I wouldn't call Akane a Akasuri place, they offer a scrub at Ploenchit, but not a real Akasuri. Nico (Asoke) and Sakura (Thonglor) are my usual choices. Sazanka (Pai Sing Tow) was the place to go to for a long time, but personally don't like the new set up at Pai Sing Tow. Its more of a Japanese men's lounge with the spa attached. Sweet Mango is good too, but more about the girls and the extras rather than the scrub, although the girls give a good scrub too. There's a thread in the advanced section with further details on them all if you have access.
  7. My usual spot is Bankara Ramen on Sukhumvit 39. One of the best I've had outside of Japan. Also Ra-Men Restaurant next to the side entrance to Emporium on 24 is good. If I'm in the Chidlom area then Menya Itto in Erawan is my preferred choice. But the Ippudo chain that is opening up in most malls now isn't bad either.
  8. Have to agree with JS89 here. Very over priced for what it is and seem to only get away with serving average food at those prices due to its fame and purely to tourists. Yes, the view is nice and the food isn't bad, but at that price you can get so much better in this city
  9. As Nevinosimaya said there are some world class tattoo artists here. I've had a few done at Black Pig Tattoo. Amazing work. He also has some of the world's top artists visit at times doing sessions. He doesn't take walk ins, but if you're looking for something special, you won't get better.
  10. Vesper on Soi Convent has to be my favourite. AR Sutton if you like Gin. Also both Mandarin Oriental and Hyde & Seek, like others have already been mentioned are very good.
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