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  1. hi, im planing to do small bussines, buying diane pills from bangkok and deliver (import) to philippines. because diane thailand in philippines is so famaous. maybe some1 here has channel where to buy and maybe understand about the delivery process. if ever can help me with this, please PM me or reply me here. tq
  2. ur suggestion better i go to hua lamphong or stay with my plan? go to bang sue and change train? thx mate.. and do yo understand about this? what is the difference between top and bottom price? thank you.
  3. so meaning we can get on from bang sue to ayutthaya? since i will stay near MRT train, so ill ride mrt till bang sue.. and change to bang sue junction train? am i correct? and other question, how long usually the train will stop for every station? i want to estimate the time from my place to bang sue station. hehe.. tq
  4. sad to say.. we are on budget trip.. but thx for the advice.. wow.. ok.. thx for ur information. btw how to go back to bkk city from there? the same way we go? ride train again? bcos i read someone ride a van when going back to bkk. thx
  5. hi. im planing to have ayutthaya day trip. my plan will go there around 6am or 7am by train. and after i reach there better rent tuk tuk for a trip or rent a bike do it on my own? and how about going back to bangkok? is it still the same way? by train? or better ride van? if by train can i buy it advance (round trip) thank you.
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