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  1. I took the Airport link again 2 days ago and it is still the best option for getting into the city quickly. The only downside is the lack of escalators. I change at Makkasan and there are a lot of stairs to go down and a little walk along the road to the MRT station.

    Why do the Bangkok transport companies not work together and issue tickets from start to finish no mater what you use?

  2. The Hotel's website was also in English. There was tab for Japanese version for some reason, but none for Thai.


    But it is good idea about information desk, I think I will ask at the desk to write it down for me just in case. Thank you for the suggestion.

    PM me the hotel name if you like and I can translate it into Thai and send it back to you.

  3. On question of taking Taxi from Airport, what would be the best and least confusing way to give direction to the Hotel I am staying at?


    On both Travelocity itinerary of hotel information, and at agoda.com, the address of Hotel is written in English and I can't seem to find it written in Thai anywhere.

    Does the hotel have their own website? If so it is very likely that the address will also be in Thai.

    Otherwise you could always print out the address in English then go to the airport information desk and politely ask them to write the important part of the address in Thai for you.

    However, most taxi drivers at the airport understand enough English to get you where you want to go.

  4. I don't know if it was a bebug but I have been bitten while in my condo and I found a little "bug" under the bedsheet. Unfortunately I squashed it flat before I had a chance to identify it. I've not been bitten since but my girlfriend says she keeps getting bitten in my bed.

    Anyone know of a way finding and killing these things?

  5. It's not quite so bad in Bangkok, if you drive with the understanding that everyone else is out to get you! I have friends who have ridden bikes here for 20+ years with never an accident. But watch out for Songkran - when mo'cy riders are the favourite (though ilegal) target. Nothing like a bucket of ice water thrown in your face as you come riding around a corner!


    In the provinces it is really dangerous. I knew several Thais who have been killed by Thai drivers - both hit by speeding idiots in pickups or big lorries. A Farang friend who taught in Phuket for two years told me she lost students in her rachapat uni classes every semester. The daily mo'cy death rate in Phuket is something like 1.5 per day and the press has been told not to report it. My friend said first thing she did was buy a car in Phuket!



    Jesus Christ that guy is dangerous. If you ride like that you're just an accident waiting to happen. Ride like you would in the west and you'll likely be ok.

  6. A bit of thread revival but I thought I'd just mention that the Airport Link is working well and is very quick and efficient, if a little over-filled with smelly backpackers...

    I think it was about 35 baht from one end to the other and took half an hour. Very good.

  7. Why is there so much spam on this site???


    Anyway. As a real answer to the OP.

    I guess you're flying into and out of Bangkok and are staying in Bangkok for a few days at either end of your visit to Khao Lak?

    If you are simply arriving into Bangkok then going onto Khao Lak why not just fly down there with it?

    If it's more of a case of what to do with it when you come back from Khao Lak you can just put it in your room and I don't imagine the hotel would worry about it, as long as you ask them first. The hotels generally have luggage storage areas and they would likely keep it ther free of charge, seeing as you're a resident customer.

  8. I use a combination of the Benjawan Poomsan Becker books, a Thai-English-Thai dictionary, the Pimsleur audio files and Youtube.

    Not forgetting my girlfriend. I seem to learn more when I'm with her than during all the studying I do.

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