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  1. Most small restaurants have a toilet too. "Hong Nam you-neye (pronounced as "eye") ?". I have not had 1 object to me using the toilet as a non-customer in 10 years. Petrol stations are the other sure fire winner (but less of them in central city areas).
  2. Thailand has some of the most "flexible" visa arrangements I have heard of if you are trying to stay a longer time. Right now I have a good friend on their 6th consecutive tourist visa (each extended, with no issue, at immigration). You just need to find out who is in favour (right now it is Vientiane) and go there. Be well presented, quiet and patient. You WILL win. I have had every visa imaginable in this country (bar retirement.....too young) and have found that patience, respect and being unassuming brings superb results from most immigration officers. Knowing when to cede is impo
  3. Regular washing, body hair removal, decent underwear and weight loss. That's what got me away from the dreaded rashes that I suffered endlessly when I first arrived in Thailand.
  4. Tiny bit of google-fu gets me http://www.nurugel.com.au/faq/ So, just like KY/Play
  5. Have to say that, in my 10 years in BKK, I have seen about as many rats here as I have in London. They are everywhere. Maybe he meant farang barflies? ;)
  6. You'll always be more at risk in areas more frequented by foreigners (i.e. Khao San, Islands, etc). Mainly because Thai people know there is little chance of them getting seriously punished for stealing from a foreigner so target these areas. However I would suggest that Bangkok is (I've travelled to over 60 countries and countless cities) one of the safest cities on Earth in relation to crime. Now accidents.....well......that's your danger stat. Most foreigners come a cropper due to making dumb decisions (believing a Thai person that approaches them proactively, getting in a TukTuk, gambl
  7. 3 hours, not all the time. It could take that if you are trying to arrive during rush hour. The problem is that you WILL queue for an additional 20 minutes once at the airport. You have to go around the houses to get there. HOWEVER. If you aren't adverse to walking get them to drop you at "Rod Fai Don Muang" (the train station) and use the footbridge into the terminal. This will save you between 20 minutes to well over an hour during rush hour traffic.
  8. Can throw in C Filippo in Thaniya Plaza (3rd floor, if I remember correctly). He also has his shop on Pracha Chuen in Bang Sue....if you're up that way.
  9. The worst part of all this is that ANYBODY committing a crime here who had registered their SIM (any premeditation and you would pay a homeless person a couple of B100 to go into 7 and get your SIM) would immediately drop the SIM in a bin somewhere. Cleverer still they would post their phone (still on) to another location in Thailand just for a good laugh!
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