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  1. I think you are chasing a fantasy here. If there was a viable way for the maids to make money doing extra ‘polishing’ for guests then it would be in place and available. I’m pretty sure that you are not the first to go down this line. The picture below is a sticker on a maids cleaning trolley Nana Hotel Christmas 2017.
  2. I'd double check that. There is one at Asok next to Terminal 21 that I have used in the past but there never seen one at Nana, unless it's openned in the last eleven months.
  3. And, I'd go to a pharmacy away from Nana or Cowboy. They are all over the place, not hard to find, more likely to screw you with something like this in a tourist area right next to Nana plaza. Not my experience bought sidegra from two pharmacies on Sukumvit. One near Soi 4 and one near Soi 101. Prices were the same.
  4. Ouch! Thanks for pointing that out. Reading up on it - usually no symptoms and transmitted by contact. So skin to skin will do, doesn't need to get into the blood, damn!. Treatable by antibiotics - good news. Best advice abstain from sex - not a chance, monogomous partner- unlikely, ignore the risk and up the STD screening treat as and when necessary - doable the path of least resistance admittedly irressponsible as you can act as a carrier and spread the damn bug or rubber up - use a dental dam when doing DATY. Dental dam? Might be doable, images of being masked up like the lone ranger or a
  5. DATY is one of my favourites nothing like having a girl writhing in pleasure on the tip of your tongue. Have been mongering for more then five years not had any problems. Do use commen sense do not do DATY, or even DFK, if I have a cut or any hint of blood or a break of skin in my mouth, so don’t even floss when mongering. So long as everything is all sealed up should not be a way for the infection to get in.
  6. I stayed at Nana Hotel over last Christmas. Things must have moved on from Tom Tit's last stay. When I was there the water had gone clear, although the bath room could have done with a refurbish. They appear to have employed better cleaners as the room I had was clean and didn't smell. Air conditioning worked and there was a security box in the room to keep valuables. I did have a stunning view of a wall just three feet from my window, but that didn't bother me and this was my first trip to Bangkok. Never bothered with the pool or jacuzzi so they may not have changed. The laundry service wor
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