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  1. No, its in Bars and Gogos and entitled "the clap, kasalong"
  2. Reading the other thread about Kasalong and warts reminds me of a question I wanted to ask. I've seen a few people comment that they take a course of antibiotics at the end of a trip to BKK anyway as a simple precaution. So my questions are - is that a good idea, especially for those of us who have a significant other and really really don't want to be caught passing STD - if so, is there something I can get OTC while I am there in BKK so there is nothing on my health records back home - and where would I go to get that, Many thanks!
  3. Wow - I'm impressed by the support of this community. Great and plentiful advice, thankyou to all who replied! I'll stick with my booking and report back. As one or two said on here - i'm doing it mainly for me because I live a pretty simple life normally but want to splash out a bit (in more than one sense) on this trip :) I also happen to be drawn to the less hardened, newer and more innocent types so anyone over there or with real recent experience who might want to share or PM a tip will be gratefully received. I've only been to BKK once before - it was a fun time involving a great freelancer from the now defunct Bangkok Beat, a complete fail from some prima donna type who I think I'd been chatting up on Thai Friendly and a newbie girl from Crazy House who I must have been subliminally attracted to because it turned out to be her second night. If I could recreate the 2 great experiences and drop the shit one this next time I'd be a happy man.
  4. My first post so apologies if it is in the wrong place - I'll learn. I'm in BKK for 48 hours next month and right now have a cancellable booking on the Pullman Grande, Sukhumvit. Chosen because I like the look of the bathroom being in the bedroom and it seems to be a proper 5* place to impress. Also right next to Soi Cowboy so handy for taking a S/T, L/T home. It's about a hundred quid a night and I am sure some will tell me to save the money for fun but I want to pamper myself as well as get some action. My question - is the place how it appears on TripAdvisor - is it a good choice for that sort of price bracket or can the wiser members here direct me elsewhere?
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