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  1. Chicken, for some reason, always seems better to me in Asia than in the US/Europe.
  2. The bullet-in-the-luggage scam is mostly a Philippines phenomenon from what I understand- used to be a group of agents running that scam out in the main manila airport. I don't think that ever happened in Thailand. Not in this century at least.
  3. Plan is always to fuck ASAP. Sometimes the plan is quite detailed, including venues, strategies, ect. Usually the plan is to go to my favorite bj bar (7-heaven) to solve all sexual frustration immediately and address the rest of my stay with a clear mind. The reality is usually eating some real food after 24 hours of disgusting airplane food, taking a long nap, and waking up at a weird time 😶
  4. Vientiane consulate had no such requirement- I wrote 90 days, got my visa without any fuss. Varies alot between consulates from what I've heard.
  5. malorf

    goo กู

    To the western mind, an impolite first person pronoun makes no sense at all, and couldn't possibly offend anyone. But hey, we don't use the Thai language to interact with western minds. The word is definitely impolite and will make people confused and/or angry if you use it in the right situation.
  6. If price is a concern, Gateway Ekkamai, the mall connected to BTS Ekkamai, has an entire floor devoted to cheap japanese restaurant chains. You can get rice bowls/ramen for 100-200 baht.
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