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  1. I have eaten here 3 times. First time, my Japanese colleague took me there and then 2 more times with friends. Ambience is very good and food is excellent. Also have a decent parking area. There is a big menu with good prices. Service is also very prompt and friendly. I have seen many Japanese eating and enjoying there drinks which confirms it's authenticity. As far as I am concerned, I loved the food here.
  2. I have picked a FL from Hillary 2 in 2016. It has a live band every evening and entertains the crowd well. People give their song requests and dance when it is performed by the band. It becomes very noisy also as is the case with most clubs in bkk. Same as climax, you need to buy a drink before entry into hillary 2 and vibes are very climax like but area is lesser than climax.
  3. I know this topic has been discussed many times in details, but I feel that it would be of great help if we can highlight top 3 hotels around Nana area which suits mission bkk for anyone who is planning to come here for self enlightenment. This will enable them to reduce the radius of hotel search to get the best one using the knowledge and experience of other veterans here. 😎
  4. Anyone who stayed there and brought atleast one guest?
  5. Rock@BKK

    VOA Fee Exemption

    I read in some of the thai news online portals that VOA fee exemptions have been extended till Oct end. Anu updated information if can be shared by anyone will be highly appreciated.
  6. Nice pics. It looks like a wooden house. I liked it.
  7. Thanks for your reply. But it would be helpful if someone can highlight any issue related to their guest friendly policies.
  8. Majestic suites has a very good advantage of being very near to the action area. Room tariff is around 1500-2000 bht per night. I stayed here 6 months back and found it very convenient. Breakfast is limited but is good.
  9. Planning a trip to bkk in Oct'19. When I was looking for a good hotel around 1500b per night at Soi4, I came across Dynasty Inn. Anyone stayed here before can advice about pros and cons for this hotel.
  10. Yes i agree with you. It is at the corner of Soi 22 and there are lots of massage parlours down the lane Sent from my SM-N900 using Tapatalk
  11. You can try IBIS nana 1200 baht or ambassador soi 11 1500baht if you like plain hotels with breakfast. Sent from my SM-J710F using Tapatalk
  12. What are the room rates and is it gf? Sent from my SM-J710F using Tapatalk
  13. Good one. I had no idea that this option was also available at the airport. Thanks for the info bro.. Sent from my SM-J710F using Tapatalk
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