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  1. Hahaha I know what you mean AtlasPo, do the same myself. A little tip for when you're booking this hotel. So you'd like a bigger room, or maybe Business class room so get Exec lounge access, but it's not a dealbreaker if you don't get it? Well, book the Deluxe Room (their basic room), once you go past the booking stage the site will offer you a bunch of "upgrades", which can be loads of different things.......airport pickup, breakfast, massage, room upgrade, etc. You'll find that the "upgrade" cost to stay in a bigger room, is much less than if you directly select that room, could be 50-60% less. The only catch is that it's not certain that you will get the upgrade. If the bigger room is available during your stay, then you'll be auto-upgraded and charged the additional cost. It doesn't work every time, but it 's worked a few times for me and it's a much cheaper way of booking a better/bigger room.
  2. They change them around I think. I changed around between Little Creatures Pale Ale, and the Beechworth Pale Ale. They also have Asahi, some stouts, ciders, wheat beers. Actually they have a bucketload on offer, but I'm usually too lazy to go through the bottle menu and so restrict myself to choosing from the 12 or so draught options they have on the chalk-board above the bar. The draught offers ranged from I think 3.8% to upwards of 7%. I safely anchored myself around the 5% range.
  3. As promised a few pics of Radisson Blu.......... This is the standard or Deluxe Room, nice big bathroom with window straight into the bedroom (blind that rolls down if you need it). Next is the list of TV channels available, I think Atlaspo was inquiring about this...... Finally a few of Brewski's, the rooftop bar on the 30th floor.
  4. Those pics are of the Junior Suite/Grand Premier room. The bathroom is awesome, loads of space for fun and a great view from that massive window. Better to have a high floor when you have that room type though. First time I stayed in one, I think I was on 10th Floor, looking right over the pool - I’d like to say it was a great view for all involved, but I’d be lying. ????
  5. Pool: Infinity pool, about 25 mtrs long I guess, facing south,overlooking sukhumvit. Plenty of sun-loungers with umbrellas and even a few cabanas. There’s a bar area behind the pool with loungers and high tables; can eat/drink here or beside the pool. Gets sun all afternoon, starting around 11am or so. TV: All the usual range of channel that you get in the higher-end hotels. CNN, Bloomberg, Sky, Truesport channels (loads of football plus odd rugby game and US sports), I think two movie channels. Also some French, German, Russian and local channels. There’s enough there to keep English speakers occupied. I travel with a laptop and just plug that straight into the tv with a HDMI cable. Then I can watch my own tv shows, movies and live sport if I want. Guests: I’ve never had any issues. The lifts require a keycard, so either collect your friend from reception yourself, or just wait for the usual call from the concierge (same thing upon their exit). Personally, if I know the guest already and they are slightly uncomfortable handing over ID, I’ll go and get them myself. Otherwise, I like the security of an ID being held by the hotel.
  6. Regularly stay at Radisson Blu Plaza now when I’m in Bangkok. The rooms are in great condition and very well priced. Brewski’s craft beer bar is on the roof with great views of the city, the breakfast buffet is top notch, and the pool is a perfect place to chill, getting sun all afternoon. It’s a bit further away from NEP, but close to Cowboy, Soi 22, Soi 33 and to be honest Nana ain’t really that far away. If you’re going to start using this hotel regularly, definitely join the frequent visitor programme. It helps with upgrades and just general preferential treatment, as well as free nights. Actually there again this weekend, will add some pics when I get them
  7. I’ve noticed over the last 6 months or so, prices have jumped at The Landmark, I guess that all floors are now fully renovated. I used to regularly lift a corner-room, but now with tax included I find it’s just over what I want to spend, so I just book standard room. I’m usually getting into the hotel late though, getting a flight from Hong Kong after work on a Friday and regularly they’ll have given my room away and I end up getting upgraded to a suite. Think it helps that I’ve stayed there regularly in the past as well.
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