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  1. I don't believe it. There are maybe 2 dozen flights per day coming to BKK from China, but they aren't the huge jets. If you combine all of the large European long haul flights, there have to be more people from Europe flying to BKK than China. Here is another article: ------------ For years, Thailand’s tourism scene has been dominated by Chinese visitors, with 10.5 million in 2018 alone – accounting for about 28 per cent of total foreign arrivals. Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/world/why-indian-tourists-are-flocking-thailand-where-they-may-soon-outnumber-chinese-visi
  2. Exactly. So the honest taxi drivers will make a little more money and the rest will still charge the same crazy prices. It's already impossible to find an honest taxi driver at closing time. Transport minister needs to start by enforcing the existing laws. That sounds like the immigration problem here at home. Start by enforcing the laws. If they are a problem, then fix them, but start by enforcing the laws.
  3. Maybe the transport minister should start by making them turn the meter on.
  4. I've been hearing about longer lines at the Skytrain, so I was thinking about buying a pass for my next trip. Here is what I found about pricing: Single Journey Pass: 16-44 Baht Standard Rabbit Card / Stored Value Cards These are available for 100 baht plus 50 baht refundable deposit. The Standard Rabbit Cards are valid for 5 years and can be filled with a minimum of 100 baht and up to 4,000 baht. One-day Pass Unlimited travel within the duration of a single day for 120 baht. 30-Day Pass for Adults - For 15 trips (use within 30 days), 25 baht per trip unlimited distance,
  5. I don't mind the short walk to my hotel and I hate dishonest taxi drivers, so unless I'm arriving really late, it's the train for me.
  6. Isn't the train a fraction of the price of a taxi? I don't like taxis and have to argue with them to turn the meter on.
  7. What time are the games in BKK?
  8. Bizarre, but the view is still better in Bangkok than what you see back home.
  9. It's sad that every place has larger and larger girls. Wasn't like that 10-20 years ago. Everyone is getting fat these days.
  10. I like the hotel buffet at Ambassador for breakfast, but I don't eat much for lunch or dinner.
  11. Anyone else walk into a gogo and go straight to the restroom and then leave, if the lineup isn't what you are looking for? No one has ever gotten mad at me for doing it.
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