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  1. Thanks very much for your reply mate. The 6 month visa that needs more fees and re-application sounds a bit shit, but then I can understand why they would have that extra layer in for fake-marriages, albeit it penalises the bona fide ones. Cheers LULT
  2. How about Amari Residence on Soi 2 ? Go through Tim at otelrooms.com he has a reduced rate agreed, you'll get Opodo points and you'll get 5% back after you stay ! I've just booked here with him and can't wait.
  3. Good to hear about your smooth applications mate. Im sure it will be very reassuring for many. How much did it cost for the marriage visa and what did you have to prove / any monetary values in bank accounts etc (and if so, how long did that cash sum have to be in the account for prior to application) ? I ask about the cash accounts as the points-based system for students is heavily weighted on ensuring you have enough cash to support yourself whilst in the country. Also, if you don't mind me asking, did you get married in Thailand. If so, what was the process about getting the UKB
  4. Yes bad idea putting personal details on the net, hence I have edited your original post Yes, that is a Thai address style. I have often used 'international signed for' postal with standard country mailing company and never had any probs.
  5. If you can stretch to 2000, try Citi Chic in Soi 13. Small roof pool, but everything else great for the price. http://www.citichichotel.com/map_nearby.html I would go through Tim and Thai Hotel Discounts as he has negotiated better rates that walk-in.
  6. I cannot speak more highly for the tailor Peters Clothiers. I've been going for years. He is in the hallway of Ambassador Hotel Soi 11/13 , Sukhumvit Road. Here is a piece that the UK Sunday Time wrote about him,,,, http://sundaytimes.lk/071216/Plus/plus0008.html
  7. Darjelling is good value for money, but it certainly doesn't have a good swimming pool.
  8. Thanks for that mate. You are spot on, for that money, there is SO much better. Even Citi Chic around the corner is cheaper and is great quality. The only thing I would recommend Ambassador Hotel for is the tailor in the lobby, but make sure you go to Peter Clothier (and not the one next door to him). Top quality suits with no quibble price.
  9. Free one month visa on arrival at the airport, else if you need to stay longer than one month, you apply to your local Thai consulate/embassy and ask for a multiple entry tourist visa. Depending if you are are heading elsewhere to Cambo/Viet/Laos/Burma/Malaysia, you are as well asking for the maximum of 3 entries. The Thai Govt has continued its free visa fee for now, but you need to pay a local consulate Admin fee of around £7 (per passport)
  10. I had an unexpected short stay in Bangkok in the middle of my recent holiday, so needed a place to drop my bags, so nothing too expensive was needed. Tim at Thai Hotel Discounts sorted me out with Darjelling Hotel. He has a negotiated rate for 1220 baht per night, which includes breakfast. Positives: Location - On the Suk Rd, so just a hop skip and a jump from the action Price - For this money, it is difficult to beat given the Suk Rd location Modern - nice and modern feel to the hotel No joiner fee Negatives: Room size - Quite a small room, but fine if you are lone traveller
  11. when I stayed at Citi Chic, you could bring as many girls back as you wanted and there was no issue and no joiners. The same was at Grand Sukhumvit (formerly Sofitel). I had a couple of three-ways when I was there and they didn't give me a second look (and again, no joiners) The bed in Grand Suk is HUGE and I received a free upgrade. I've heard of quite a few BMs getting upgrades when they haven't even been requested. This makes a big difference as you can have some lovin' on the sofa area of the room B)
  12. Street of Shame.....and part of the reason I love Suk Rd is NOT just the p4p, but there is always something going on, be it shop/market stalls / non p4p girls walking around looking fantastic and enjoying a little flirt now and again and so on. Obviously, Suk Rd has something for everyone and is a big part of why I favour BKK over Patts. B)
  13. Im not sure what your budget is, but my friends stayed at Lebua Towers last year. They travel a lot in nice hotels and they said this was by far the biggest "wow factor" they have ever stayed in. One of them took a couple of guests back some nights and was not a problem. Saying that, he never declared they were guests, he just kept walking to the lift and took them into his room. So it sounds like they are cool about it. I was at Lebua Tower Sky Bar for a few drinks this year. This was the nicest bar I've ever been at !
  14. That's EXACTLY the way to do it mate. Its not about being cheap charlie, its about not listening to lies (especially if there is a sign outside saying the same price!!) I wish I could have been there to see their reaction :P
  15. Typhoid, Hep A, and Tetanus and Hep B if you are doing the p4p thing ;). These are the main ones I am advised by my doctor for SE Asia. The western medics always suggest Malaria tablets, even if you are sticking to the cities, but I haven't bothered with this for a few years. If you are going rural, then consider yellow fever.
  16. I stayed here in April 09 for a week. I have never stayed at this side of town before. I am now COMPLETELY converted. I loved it. Its in the middle between Cowboy and NEP and has Q Bar and SUpper Club on its doorstep. There is also a 7/11 at the end of the street along with a great happy massage. Thermae bar is at the top of the road and when I stayed, the Tuk Tuk service was tip top. It will only take you to the top of the street or the nearest Sky Train station. One day I wanted to go to the pharmacy and they were happy to take me and wait to bring me back. There are no joiners at a
  17. Thanks very much guys. I'll give them both a look on my next trip
  18. For my next trip, Ive tried emailing hotels that gave me promotion prices and I enquired whether I could get the same price. The Accor Grand Sukhumvit in Soi 6 said they would give me a discount (but not promotion rate) and will charge 1000 baht less for a room at 2800 baht. Im trying out a few other before I arrive in February before I commit. It is certainly worth a try to email quite a few and tell them the price you want to pay. This approach has enabled me to get a room in Pattaya for 1000 baht per night (Its a 1800 baht per night room).
  19. I've heard about this place but don't know anyone that has been. http://www.siamparkcity.com/EN/E_HOME.html It looks quite a big park. Has anyone been? Can anyone give a review of it? Prices etc? Thanks
  20. I booked it last year under the auspice that it is an institution and every monger should it experience it once. I didn't even spend one night. It really is taking a step back to 1979 hotel standards. As Siam Sam said, there is better for the money.
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