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  1. It would be easier if there wasn't so much delicious coconut water around to drink! Thanks for the suggestion on the malls. And I never had to hold it in the Army. There was always a random ditch around to piss in. Lol
  2. What's your go-to place when you have to piss and you're not in a bar, restaurant, etc.? In Taiwan, 7-11 was great for this. Here too or?
  3. I'm using AIS and despite having full bars, my speeds are shit and constantly timing out. :(
  4. Insanity is here, I'm staying at the Grand President fairly close to it.
  5. I ended up staying in Grand President. It's a piece of shit though lol Next time I will try TimHotelDiscounts. Majestic Suites was all booked up too when I looked online.
  6. Just landed and I'm looking at hotels for tonight and Friday night. Yet all of the recommended hotels seem to show zero availability on Agoda, Expedia, TripAdvisor, etc. For example, Citadines was my top pick but no rooms available tomorrow night. Is there any way to still get a booking at these hotels, or am I left to looking for leftovers?
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