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  1. Used AirBNB in Pattaya first time this year no problems
  2. Thanks for the reply will check it out next time !
  3. Has any members stayed at Citrus Suites Sukhumvit 6 ? Just want to know if its girl friendly ? I normally stay next door at the Dynasty Grande but I think its getting dated plus I found out the hard way that they have a policy of no girls under 20 years allowed into the Hotel.
  4. I have not stayed in the Nana Hotel for over tens years now for obvious reasons its a dump. I reccommend that very Bangkok newbie stay there you can not beat its location. It was my first mongering Hotel in Bangkok reccommend by faceless BM members. I personally Like staying in the Nana area, close to everything I like. Last time stay at Dynasty grande big rooms small pool and had fitness room. I wouldn't mind checking out the Aspen Suites next time I'm in bangkok I thought judging from the location maps on the internet it was far down soi 2 maybe a 20 minute walk to nana but majorAdamHenry stated it was only 4 minite walk to Nana. I dont know but I know that Majestic grande on Soi 2 is about five minutes walk to nana and last time I was there I didnt see any sign of the Aspen Suites. I will have to investigate it.
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