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  1. Ha landed at DM last night and think I set a new record - from exiting the plane at 10pm to pulling up outside my hotel (Landmark) in 45 minutes! Couldnt believe it - immigration was dead my luggage arrived within 2 minutes of me waiting and the traffic was clear!
  2. Although given QPP would have closed by then is there any point still staying round that way?
  3. To DM it has to be a taxi as there’s no train allow up to an hour but should be less
  4. Are there any hotels around Nana & SC that AREN’T girl friendly?! Would also be useful to know your budget
  5. Vasu is closed on Sundays but most of the others are open as far as I know
  6. The Grand Hyatt will fit your requirement but I think it’s quite expensive these days. Great location proper 5 star hotel and the ‘smallest’ rooms are comfortably bigger than the smallest rooms in the Landmark
  7. 7 Heaven BJ bar is close by perhaps you mean that one is def worth a visit if you are on its doorstep!
  8. For that budget I think Majestic Suites if you want to stay near Nana or Sukhumvit Suites or Tai Pan Hotel if you want to stay near Soi Cowboy
  9. Ah I see thanks. Yes I’ve topped us several times in the last 6 months but have never been asked until now. At least it sounds like a one off.
  10. This is new right? Have never been asked to show my passport or any ID before but this time they said I couldn’t top up my rabbit card without showing my passport. Of course I didn’t have it on me as I don’t like carrying it around so I had to go back to the hotel to get then go back to the BTS station to top up my card then go back to the hotel again to drop off the passport (as I don’t like carrying it around) and finally head back to the BTS again! Such a great use of my time....!
  11. iPhone 6. I used to always be able to upload photos to my posts when posting from my phone but now when I try I get an error message “The server returned an error during upload”. I’m following the same procedure as normal but keep getting this message. Anyone have the same problem or can advise what to do?
  12. As mentioned before I have stayed at the Hyatt Regency but not the Sofitel and will be back at the Hyatt on Sunday for 4 nights. I liked it and the main plus points were: - Large room size considering it was the ‘cheapest’ room (37/38sqm) - Completely girl friendly & no need for girl to hand in ID at reception (just walk in & go straight to room) - Nice rooftop bar with great views of BKK (when it isn’t pissing down!) - Easy access to BTS as Exit 3 at Nana has been extended so you’ve got a walkway straight to the hotel - Massive 55” tv in the room and no issues with WiFi I didn’t have the breakfast but I’ve heard it is good!
  13. Stayed here last week when in BKK on business and will stay there again when I’m back next month. Really liked the hotel better than the Landmark which is similarly priced. I got a good rate of £100 per night although it’s increased to £120 a night for my next trip. Stayed in the ‘cheapest’ room but it was more than spacious enough (37/38sqm I think) and the tv was massive! Comfy bed & separate shower and bath tub. The rooftop bar is also really nice great view of BKK. Took 3 different girls up there on 3 consecutive nights so I am sure the staff noticed :D Pool & jacuzzi were fine and there’s also a steam room. Didn’t have the breakfast. Good location and you can walk to the hotel via the extended skybridge at Nana (exit 3 I think) which leads you to the hotel entrance via an escalator which is useful if you have luggage.
  14. Also Tai Pan Hotel on Soi 23 which is less than 5 min walk from Asok / SC it’s a 3.5 star hotel which should be in your budget
  15. Nope. In fact I’m not aware of a single hotel in BKK that does!
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