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  1. If you are even remotely concerned about covid why would you even consider going with a WG?
  2. That is true. A BJ with CIM for 800B and an extra 400B for FS is exceptional value. Although the girls won’t be stunners ofc. Man I miss Tik from Kasalong.... 😔
  3. Never as I always bag up (as much as I’d rather not to...!)
  4. I have a thing for Pepper Lunch. It’s simple, cheap & tasty (really like the beef option!) and with the chain not being in the U.K. it’s something I always look forward to when I come to BKK 😄
  5. Manila has been on my list of places to visit (along with PP) for a while although I was surprised to hear the prices in MNL were just as if not more expensive than BKK. If I had to guess I’d be 90% on the prices being cheaper. Still would like to try at least once. PP is probably first though as I’ve heard great things and it is real VFM.
  6. Usually when I’m in BKK it’s only for a few nights so I tend to stick to the GoGos & beer bars. Nana Plaza & Soi 4 beer bars are my preference but will always visit SC once to see what’s going down. Patpong is rare as it’s a pain in the arse to get to as I always stay near Nana. I can see the attraction of MPs & soapies but tend not to bother. If I was around for a week or two then yes but not when it’s 2/3/4 nights. For the same reason I don’t bother with tinder or TF and Thermae I tend to leave as I’m farang. Do enjoy BJ bars & like to make Tikk @ Kasalong my last v
  7. My personal favourites are The Landmark & Citrus Suites. Landmark has perfect location and reasonably priced for a ‘posh’ hotel around £100 a night. Citrus Suites is a bargain can get a huge 60sqm apartment for £70 a night and it has both the fastest WiFi & most comfortable bed I’ve experienced in BKK! Location wise it’s not too bad either 5 min walk from NP. If I want something cheap & cheerful I’ll go to Tai Pan Hotel less than 5 min walk from SC. Around £30-40 a night but decent enough and good value for money. Have convinced my work to pay for the Hyatt Rege
  8. On that budget I think Sukhumvit Suites or Tai Pan Hotel will be best for you. Both guest friendly and close to Asoke MRT.
  9. Wonder what’s gonna happen for Songkran next month? Would be pretty devastating for the bars etc if they had to close or ban celebrations during this period but I can see it happening.
  10. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/singapore-thai-embassy-clarifies-bangkok-advisory-healthy-singaporeans-need-not-self Actually they’ve confirmed so long as you aren’t showing symptoms you’ll still be allowed in - phew!
  11. Hi Dave do you have a link for this? All I’ve found so far is an article showing the Thai government were ‘thinking about’ this. I often travel from Singapore to BKK so this would affect me if so (although for now I can still travel from BKK to Singapore).
  12. I believe it means you’ve posted within the thread
  13. Was in BKK earlier this month and seemed business as normal just a few more face masks on public transport. Girls were as accommodating as ever although I’m farang which may have made a difference
  14. You’ll be fine. Try to book a seat near the front of the plane for a quicker exit but I’m sure immigration will be clear that time in the morning. And also at that time in the morning on a Saturday the traffic will pretty clear you should be at Nana within 45 mins. Personally I wouldn’t bother prebooking anything.
  15. If you don’t like Bangkok what are you doing on these boards 😄
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