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  1. Just booked Fast Track and ride to Pattaya through this company. Booked, paid deposit, and got email conformation all within a few hours. Also they are running a promotional price to Pattaya so I locked the price in. Also really wanted fast track because of the time I'm arriving in BKK. 12:00 is a bad time to go through immigration alot of planes are landing around this time. Well let everyone know how the services work after I use them in November.
  2. I know I will visit on my trip in November for some seafood. Not to far from where I'm staying. Kinda reminds me of the Port of LA fish market.
  3. Thanks for the info mr freeze. Yes it is my first time to Bangkok. I have a chance to add a few days to my all ready planned trip which I have a room booked at [email protected] I did pick that location because of the proximity to NEP. My thought was to mix it up and stay somewhere else for the days I'm adding on. I definitely will be using the massage shops in the area of Retro plus I like how close it is to the BTS line. Of the hotels you named I would rather stay under 50$ US, so Travelodge looks great and is in my price range but it is pretty far up the Soi. You never know I may g
  4. Retro 39 Hotel? Has anyone ever stayed at this location? Guest Friendly? I was looking at the location and was surprised that it is very close to the BTS Line and also in massage zone. I did a search and didn't see anything pop up so what do you guys think?
  5. The main reason I'm thinking about buying the pass is the time of my flight arrival time (11:00 am). Knowing I will be in economy I will be near the back of the plane so getting off the plane quickly maybe a issue. Also after I bumped the original post I read on Pattaya Addict that starting June 1st the new passes are blue instead of brown. Not sure how long the old passes will be good or if they expire. Before I purchase the pass I will email to see what passes they are mailing out. Keep everyone posted on what I hear.
  6. Giving this topic a bump because I'm thinking about order one. Can't beat the price for the convenience of getting through faster than normal. So has anyone tired this recently? This makes more sense than the meet me at the gate service. I can walk from gate to immigration no problem. Any information would be great and thanks in advance.
  7. Do any of these buffets have open bar or an add on option for alcohol?
  8. That's a pool area and that view is very nice! How late are the pools usually open till?
  9. That departing time works out for me thats what caught my eye about EVA. Work all day to take my mind off of vacation. Stop at home cleanup grab my bags and head to the airport. Get on plane and get some shut eye and wake up in BKK in the morning time.
  10. Thanks for all the info on the train versus taxi. I have a feeling I will take the train coming into town since I will be by the train because of the currency exchange being down stairs. Plus I have a feeling it maybe shorter in time because of traffic. I'm surprised that the BTS doesn't have elevators as an option instead of stairs. Are wheelchairs not used in Thailand or no laws requiring Handicapped services?
  11. I was wondering the opinion of the people that have taken taxi and the train from airport to NANA BTS line stop. I will be leaving the airport around lunch time so I'm not sure what traffic would look like. Will only be carrying a small suitcase and backpack so not alot of stuff. I will be using the BTS to get around the city so public transportation isn't a issue. Just throwing the question out there. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the info on the video. The rooms like fine to me I was just wondering if anyone had up to date information. Just trying to narrow down a reservation. Does anyone every keep multiple reservations to different hotels? Then cancel the one not needed before when closer to the date of travel.
  13. Hello everyone, Have a few questions about [email protected]: Has anyone stayed here recently? Been looking at the reviews on TripAdvisor and it seems to be good for a hotel in that price range. I know this hotel is guest friendly but will the BG walk from NEP back to the hotel? It doesn't seem to be that far away to walk. Thanks for any info.
  14. Just grabbed the photo off of google. I should have started with this photo for a laugh.
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