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  1. Any changing of usernames on Bangkok Addicts can only be done through PMs to the moderators. We are the only users with permissions to do so.
  2. I had an emergency and had to come up to Bangkok for a couple days. With that in mind I wanted to keep things inexpensive so I browsed Agoda using their sort by price options and started checking Silom and Sathorn. I decided to go really cheap and picked the Heritage Sathorn Hotel on Sathorn Soi 13 quite a bit past Patpong and Saladang which I didn't really care much for on this occasion. Just a clean cheap room and this turned out to be perfect although the TV sucks but I wasn't at the hotel to watch TV. The WIFI was super fast at 10 Mbps down 5 up and the room itself is rather large. The rooms are a bit dated but for all in 1,100 Baht which includes an All You Can Eat breakfaast from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM at the Sathorn Residences right down the street. They give you a free coupon upon checkin. Have a look at the photos and it's totally 1980's style but very clean and the air con works very well too. I may or may not stay here again as it's really not close to anything but you can take a bus for 5 baht and get to Convent Road and head to Patpong from there.
  3. I would stay at the newly renovated Nana Hotel which is only 1490 baht a night and that includes a good all you can eat breakfast and free fast WIFI. Ask for a room facing Nana Plaza for a view. Here's a review I did of it. Well worth it and the location is unbeatable. http://www.bangkok-addicts.com/forum/topic/5601-the-nana-hotel-in-bangkok/ They also have a pool. I hope this helps! Cheers
  4. Out of all my years in Thailand many of them in Bangkok I've never had this problem. I'd say it's more wide spread in the Philippines. I've heard of very little incidences of people getting overcharged by a metered taxi. Getting them to use the meter is another story but it's pretty simple if you speak Thai or are adamant they put it on.
  5. Not problem mate. We'll worth the price of admission of you are looking for hotel that has an airport shuttle service to the airport. I believe it leaves every 20 minutes or something. I asked the front desk girl and she said they leave when the bus is either full or every 20 minutes. The have like 3 or 4 large vehicles that I saw.
  6. Yes there's a bar along with a nice dining room. The bar has everything you need along with gourmet coffees if you are into that. Prices are very affordable. They seemed to have a lot of Chinese. The only draw back is the TV channels are not for English speaking people but I didn't care as was on my computer.
  7. I stayed at the Grand President and also the Grand Swiss hotels both on Sukhumvit Soi 11 and there was no problems with noise although those hotels are high rises. Staying on Soi 11 is one of the better spots to stay along with Nana as you are very close to the BTS Skytrain which gets you pretty much everywhere throughout Bangkok.
  8. Bangkok hotel near the airport with free shuttle transfer I recently stayed a night in Bangkok on my way back to the Philippines and decided to stay out by the airport. So I went on Agoda and came across the Crystal Suites Suvarnabhumi Airport hotel which is on Lad Krapang Soi 24 about 5 minutes drives from the Airport Link. I actually took a van from Pattaya for only 100 baht and instead of stopping at Victory Monument I asked the driver to drop me off at the airport link, in specific the Lad Krapang terminal stop. From there I took a taxi to the Crystal Suites for only 60 baht. The meter said 51 but I gave him the rest. The rooms are very clean and it only cost me $52 USD all in which also included an all you can eat breakfast buffet and free airport shuttle transfer. This is a perfect hotel if you want to stay out by the airport and have an early flight the next day. The terminal transfer takes about 10 minutes to get to the airport so it's really close. I didn't want to wait for a single bed room so I took what was available as I just wanted to relax. This hotel ended up being perfect for my needs of being close to the airport along with a free ride getting there. Here are some photos:
  9. From my understanding, you can book day to day at the Nana if that is what you mean. The only thing with that as you'll have to rebook each morning. Out of the 3 times I've stayed there the last couple years, I've always been able to get a room with a view. I would imagine a room facing a brick wall would be grim indeed. I'm lucky enough to always get the room I want. I know on the weekends they can get very busy though. Either way, you can't beat the location of the Nana really and the price is very reasonable too.
  10. Asia Fashion on Sukhumvit Soi 11 does good work. Ask for Patrick, he's an Indian and speaks perfect English along with perfect Thai. Over the years I have done a lot of stuff there but they are everywhere up and down Sukhumvit.
  11. No you can go over land and get your 30 day Visa on return, no problems. Good luck and have a great trip. Please be sure to tell us all how it went.
  12. New Wide Screens, all bedding has been changed, new painting inside the rooms, new carpets (they used to smell horrible) and a few other small things I can't think of now. It makes the rooms more livable and at that price and location it's worth it. Trust me, before they were a lot worse by 10 times the factor. I remember about 15 years ago I checked in as it was the only place that had a room (I found out the hard way why) as it was New Year's Eve and I hadn't booked a room anywhere. Back then the room smelled of old dingy everything but I was stuck for 1 night. I remember thinking back then, never again until about 4-5 years ago a friend told me about the improvements so I gave them another go. It was a lot better. I posted this as the Nana is perfect for guys on a budget and who want to be in the middle of the action. I normally stay at the Dynasty Grande up the street from there on Soi 6 myself at 2,200 baht a night, a solid 3-4 star with a gym, great pool and really nice rooms but no breakfast. Perfect for the business traveler, which is me in a nutshell.
  13. I've taken this trip about 20 times myself and it normally ranges to 280-320 on the meter with a 50 or 80 baht tip it comes out to 400
  14. I normally stay in other hotels in Bangkok but recently I've been staying at the Nana Hotel which has one of the better locations in Bangkok for both the mongering single guy or even couples. For some of you guys who have been around, the Nana was known for being worn down and the rooms got pretty beat up, that's what happens after 40 years. Well, the newly renovated Nana hotel has some really nice rooms and you can't beat the price at 1490 baht which includes a free drink at their bar and also an all you can eat breakfast buffet which is excellent. That's less than $50 USD for everything you need and they now have free WIFI. A few years back they didn't have free WIFI so I didn't stay there much because of it but it doesn't matter if you have a good 4G Thai sim card as you can dongle a connection from that which is excellent. The Nana hotel rooms themselves have been revamped with wide screen TVs and make sure you ask for a room facing Nana Plaza and/or the Skytrain. The link to the Nana hotel is here - http://www.nanahotel.co.th/ Here are some photos:
  15. I agree go for the suite room as you have a seperate bedroom along with a nice kitchen, great for parties and also an area to use as an office. I have used that as home base several times. Great location and you get a breakfast buffet with the room, at least you used to.
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