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  1. looks like seldom people choose these two hotels to stay?
  2. Hi guys, anyone have stayed before these 2 hotels? Any reviews as of 2019 1) Are both guest friendly? 2) How is the stay experience? 3) Most importantly, is it easy to call grab/taxi despite the traffic along that road Thanks guys :)
  3. Thanks for the feedback..yeah to me is only 3 nights.. maybe I will just go ahead and book. Think a short walk is fine even though the weather might be hot haha I will book through Expedia, can even get a further 12% off using MasterCard.
  4. Looks good. I be going again soon, maybe i will give it a try too and feedback if none has tried yet lol
  5. Hello all, May I know if anyone recently stayed in this hotel and any decent reviews of staying here? Lol read through few websites and seems like 65% positive reviews. The price is somewhat less pricey, and is a guest friendly hotel, if i had heard correctly. Hope to get some advices, if not, trying to find decent hotels with less than USD40 Cheers :)
  6. Just returned from my trip. I would like to say this virgin stay at Galleria 10 really makes my trip a good one. First of all, the location is not too deep inside Soi 10 alley, maybe about 7 mins, only thing is the hot weather that still makes you sweat. Second, the customer service from my experience, is good. Attentive to my needs and request, Shower not working, one call, everything fixed within minutes. Extra towel, not an issue, Need a bottle opener, just ask haha Third, think is my lucky day, reach the hotel around 10am, managed to check-in at that time, prefer to pay upfront with cash and confirmed that I have late checkout at 4pm. Fourth, definitely guest friendly without question asked,when girl left, the receptionist will call up and ask if everything alright Lastly, the breakfast is a little disappointing with little variety but its not a big issue Got a peek at the gym, equipment looks new with a few ear and tear but never got the chance to try. Pool looks small but sitting on the benches beside the pool, drinking beer, good enjoyment :D
  7. If you dont mind to walk a little and carry your luggage around or have more spare time, i say hit the airport railway. If not, take a meter taxi as what others suggested
  8. The meat is not bad and the desserts are alright. Nothing much to shout about. Depends on the menu for that month I guess
  9. Hi all, anyone can recommend me which hotels that provides the best buffet or at least from your perspective and the reasons? Looking at seafood (lobsters/crayfish in particular if any) or sushi/sashimi included I have tried Zeta Cafe from the Holiday Inn bangkok sukhumvit. The ambience is nice but lack of variety, food are above average with some sushi, roasted beef and salmon, desserts etc. I booked using eatigo app @ 50% discount and I will say value for money. I have also tried the Twenty Seven Bites Brasserie at Radisson Blu, yes it does have a limited amount of lobsters to be ordered but the quality and variety of food is not worth the money, even though i had it @ 40% discount via the app. Anyone has any better recommendations? :wub:
  10. Thanks wallywest and petehoax for your feedbacks.. Cheers and enjoy your other choices of hotels There are too many to choose from and just trying to get the best deal / best benefits i can get. This galleria hotel per night for me 1700 baht with free BF and late checkout @ 4pm. Not too sure if late checkout is really true, but seems a good deal anyway I will post another review once I experience it during my stay.
  11. Though Grab has acquired Uber, can anyone can affirm that now in BKK, only can use GRAB app and not uber? Anyway, personally i use before grab/uber before in BKK, there will still be a difference of price in the event of the promo codes. Note: I use cash all the way for grab/uber without any tipping.
  12. Hi guys, Anyone stayed before this hotel: Galleria 10? It is located in soi 10 alley, opposite the road will be thermae Looks good from the photo, with a rooftop pool as well.
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