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  1. Out at the airport area, Park Nine has a two person tub in the larger room.
  2. Just a short review on the S33 Compact Hotel. My 3 trip to use this hotel. It has a Jacuzzi room and I think more than 1. I like it. Cheap but a little basic. But the jacuzzi is a nice touch. It is big enough for 3 if only one is farang. Two Thai ladies and a Farang do fit, and it seems to be clean and in good condition. Reasonable rate. Hotel is, as expected, on Soi 33. Also known as Dead Artists Soi. Seems to get a good bit of Chinese and Korean trade. Good value for the price and close to a lot of the action. Walking distance from Cowboy, and a quick motorbike taxi ride to the rest of Sukh. I like it because I am an oily fan and spend a lot of time on soi's 24, 26 and in that neighborhood.
  3. I am thinking he meant phone NUMBER... Taking the phone would mean you might have to walk back to Thermae 3 or 4 times to get a girl willing to do without it
  4. I am staying in a similar hotel next month down close to Soi Cowboy on Soi33. S33 hotel. Has two sized Jacuzzi rooms. Anyone stay at both, and if so how do the rooms compare. This will be my first visit to this S33 hotel. https://www.s33hotel.com/
  5. Just made a trip there a week or two back. Recommend. And this is simply a different way to drain the old sack... But fun never the less. Check out that site. And DON'T go too early. I would recommend not before 1 pm. But do go.
  6. My experience was a good while back, but the rooms are quite small. They are very clean and well maintained from what I experienced. The entry is manned and ID's checked, a plus in my eyes.... I don't need trouble. I like the location best. I am a FL kind of guy, and hardly need to get out the door to find lots on offer....
  7. Location is key. Late nite second course of ladies just outside the door. Should not have to walk more than 50'.
  8. Bangkok is truly one of the safest cities around. Avoid the 3 wheel TUK TUK drivers trying to get you to let them take you someplace very special. It is usually special... in that they are going to get all your available cash before you get away... But safety in the room, do try the safe in your room for your laptop. OR.. ask the reception area to keep it in THEIR safe, even better. More inconvenient but safer. And in either case be sure you do a full back up at home and save the media THERE, not with the laptop. for me, the software is worth 20 times what the laptop is worth. Big inconvenience, but not the end of the world. Passport copy on you is a good idea. Also the double wallet idea is a good one. Don't obsess over it, but do protect yourself. Don't wade into a crowd of unknown folks. Walk around them and avoid. Very unlikely what ever it is they are so excited about would even interest you.
  9. Actually, it seems we may have gone through a software update. When in "New Content" clicking on a topic that I had viewed before used to take me to the last post I had read. Now it takes me to the #1 post and I need to click the button to take me to the last post viewed. So the auto feature is no longer default. Also, it seems ALL the posts appeared to be new content, like it lost all my record of what I had seen. Got it all sorted now. I think the PA site went through this change a while back and same thing happened. Progress! got to embrace it or get left in the dust!! Still my fav site.....
  10. I had only error messages most of the time between Thursday and Saturday 22nd through 24th. Was it only the USA area that was affected? I notice many threads are unread now, (7 pages!!) when I normally only see 10 to 20 unread topics. So either a lot of topics were going while I could not get on, or they all got reset to unread from some kind of reset feature... Seems today all is good, except a LOT of threads to look through..
  11. For those of us not familiar with the local area names..... Does this connector train stop somewhere along the Sukhumvit? Particularly the lower end, Soi 3,5,7 area ? If so, which station name is it I should look for....
  12. OH, no problem getting down to Pattaya, been there a few times already. It is just that this time, i need to complete this banking piece of business. And I would like to complete it early on, not on the 3rd or 4th day. It takes time for some of the banking services to complete. Like the ATM, some are almost instant, but I know HSBC took 3 days to get it from Bahrain. If they will allow me an HSBC account, it would be an easier transfer from one account to the other. Since there is no HSBC in Pattaya, I would need to get that done in Bangkok. Right now, I have been on the PA board, and found that KBank is very liberal with their accounts, and have no problem issuing accounts with tourists. Their ATM is an instant one as well, and Internet banking takes only one day to establish from all accounts. The only issue I have with KBank, is a lack of info on what their ATM will do for me. I need to take this ATM, outside the country and still be able to use it. That means it must be affiliated with a big network. Visa does some, Starr does many in Asia and the USA. Cirrus also does big business world wide. If the KBank is affiliated with any of those, and i have been told it may be with Starr, then it should work outside the country. That is information I may need to get from KBank, since not many board members would know this. Almost no one would need this service to extract funds from their account in Thailand as I will. Thanks SeanK..... I may still start the trip in Bangkok to do a run at the HSBC office. I have a regular account with them in Bahrain, nothing special. And as of right now, there is almost nothing in that account. But that is due to change soon, and I want to be able to do transfers from there to Thailand.
  13. Wow SeanK. That is eye opening... I am due to fly there in about 8 or 9 days, to do just exactly that. I will need to think about changing my plans to put me down in Pattaya instead of Bangkok it seems. Actually, I posted a similar post on PA a few months back, and everyone was optimistic about getting the account with out problems. They mentioned several banks, all had fairly good experiences, and I never considered that a bank in Pattaya might have different rules than one in Bangkok. I will see how this all works out. I am only planning to be there long enough to get the account started, get my atm cards, and see what they have to say about issuing a regular visa credit card. I was going to look at getting a prepaid visa type account, where I deposit money into the account, and then use a Visa card to consume that cash for purchases abroad. I will look into a few Banks in Bangkok, such as HSBC, which is my first choice as I also use HSBC in another country. If i get no luck, I will try down in Pattaya to see what luck I will have there. I would actually like the bank from Bangkok rather than Pattaya just so it doesn't draw attention when I use it in the States, but what ever works is Ok with me. I will be making transfers into the account from an account in Bahrain, near where I work, and when I am off work, and back in the states, i would like to be able to use the Thai account to rent cars and such. This is why the ATM is not all that I need. Most car rental companies will not accept an ATM as a payment method for renting cars and such. It looks like my trip to Bangkok just got a little bit more difficult.... we will see in person.
  14. Well, as I will be a tourist, I am needing more info about this 'proof of address' thing. On one of the boards, guys are saying they come off the plane, and go set up accounts. That is what I am hoping to be able to do. What if I give the address of the hotel I am staying in? and how would I 'prove' that, exactly? I was hoping to sign up with HSBC if that is possible, as my account in Bahrain is with them. It would make the money transfers much easier that way. If not, then I will need to try others. I am hoping that residency is not a requirement, as I was told on the other board. That is key, as I am certainly not lucky enough to have that status....
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