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  1. If you arrive anytime between 4pm and 7pm then traffic will be a nightmare - I would suggest using the airport rail link as it will avoid the hassle. If you are staying at nana then take it all the way in and switch to the local BTS for the 3 stations in between
  2. as has been said, uber is now gone from thailand, and GRAB is the only options. I have used GRAB many times - usually when I cant flag down a regular taxi. In Bangkok GRAB is mainly used by the taxi drivers to help them find fares - works well for them in outer areas - where they can do a drop off and usually collect a pickup pretty quickly. Grab also works in Pattaya - but it is grab car not grab taxi - same app though
  3. Large hotel or shopping mall, these days when walking up and down Sukhumvit you will never be to far from any. Or just nip into any Air Conditioned bar - order a small drink and use the facilities
  4. A lot of this is upto the mood of the immigration officer - I work FIFO so arrived on a Business Class tivket and went through the VIP immigration line and the guy there started the whole song and dance about me needing a visa - which I firmly told him I didnt. Anyway this went on for a few minutes and he called a lady supervisor, I talked to her and after some questions she stamped me in. The concern is you are working in thailand, they dont seem to understand that when we work remotely or offshore it is almost a 4 weeks on 4 weeks off in thailand - It does not "COMPUTE" for them how you ca
  5. There are so many great places to live in Bangkok, and around Fashion Island is pretty good with access to good transport links and lots of uni girls to avoid the whole P4P scene if thats what you would prefer.
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