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  1. On my recent 2 week stay on Nana, I ate at Pier 21 every day. The combination of low prices and good food is inbeatable. Each meal would generally cost 40-50 Bht max. Sure it's crowded, because it's such a good deal. There are always a few tables spare though. For falang food, I ate at Hanrahans on Nana. Decent pub grub, and no girls hassling you for drinks.
  2. I stayed at Majestic Suites for 2 weeks in January 2019. Good clean hotel, friendly and helpful staff. Laundry a bit expensive - they add VAT! Great location for NEP and BTS. I'll stay there again :)
  3. Well, I played it in January. Here's my report: http://www.bangkok-addicts.com/forum/topic/8317-bars-that-run-golf-trips/page-2
  4. Take a trip on the regular boat services along the Khlong Saen Saep. This is a canal that runs parallel to and north of Sukumvit for a way. Just walk up Soi 3 past the Grace Hotel to the Khlong. The boat station there is called Nana Nua. You climb on and pay the fare on the boat. It's dirt cheap - cost me 11 Bht for 3 stops! Good fun - the boats go quite fast.
  5. I called in at the Kiwi bar during my recent BKK visit. There was no white board outside - no evidence of golf outings. Indeed, I didn't see a single bar in Nana or SC areas which advertised golf trips. Surely a business opportunity there for someone??
  6. Here is the Kantarat card. Note all the water! Another thing I forgot to mention above - your golf bags and anything else you take onto the course is put through an airport type scanner.
  7. Well, I played Kantarat a couple of weeks ago - and it was a hoot! My mate drove down from Issan with his and a spare set of clubs. We met up at Mo Chit and drove to Don Muang (about half hour to get there). It's not particularly easy to find as the road system there is a real maze. It's a Thai Airforce base, with armed guards on the gate. Note that you need to show your passport when paying the green fee (1200 bht with cart). No photography is allowed. Playing there is certainly an experience of a lifetime. The course is in between the two runways. Planes are continually taking off on one and landing on the other. There is a plane taxiway running right through the course! Golfer crossing is controlled by traffic lights (no-one jumped the lights here!). We thought that being on an airport, that there would not be much water, but in fact there is water on every hole. Not the most accomplished round of golf I ever played, due to all the distractions, borrowed clubs etc. Would not have missed it for the world though. One final comment. The article above suggests that the caddies are looking for a barfine. We saw no evidence of this. My mate's caddy was quite old, and mine, though younger, was not really BF material. The was none of the usual sexy banter you often get on Thai courses.
  8. I totally agree with you Captain! That has always been my experience on numerous golf trips around Pattaya. The article saying that all the caddies are available for boomboom surprised me. That has not been my experience on other Thai golf courses. Trying to pick up the caddies can cause ill feeling, and worse. Doing it on a course run by the Thai Air Force is asking for trouble. Some of those caddies are probably officer's wives! Anyway - I'm a one-thing-at-a-time kind of guy. Golf caddies are for golf, bargirls / gogo girls are for boomboom. The parts of the article that interested me are diificulty of access, proximity to runway etc. Hope I didn't ruin your day Captain :rolleyes:
  9. Interesting article on Kantarat: http://bangkokxl.com/don-muang-airport-golf-course/
  10. Well, I think I've cracked it guys. It took a while, because I was asking the wrong question. In Patts, you need organised golf trips for: 1. Transport to courses (usually at least 1 hours drive outside town) 2. Club hire (some courses don't hire them) I have now found 2 courses in BKK which can be reached easily by public transport, and which hire out clubs. They are: 1. Royal Dusit - in central BKK, inside the horse race track apparently. Link - http://thaigolfer.com/course/103 2. Kantarat - at Don Muang airport Link - http://thaigolfer.com/course/188 So no need for any organised tour from bars etc. According to the reviews, both are rough old golf courses. No problem for me though - I'm a rough old golfer :)
  11. More input from Pattaya Addicts. There is a driving range on Sukhamvit 42 apparently. http://www.42tee-off.com/driving-range/
  12. Just got my first result on a parallel thread I'm running on Patts Addicts. The Kiwi Bar Sukumvit Soi 8 runs golf trips! Am investigating further :) Here's the link: http://www.thekiwibangkok.com/
  13. One thing at a time guys! Do you want to play golf or shag? I like both, but not at the same time :) When you turn up at a Pattaya golf course, you don't get to choose your caddy. They just turn up and grab the nearest bag. About 90% are women, 10% men or "other". The women are mostly middle aged, very pleasant and good fun, but not on the game. I've had a few good looking caddies, but it is purely random. Sorry to burst your fantasy bubble folks. So westex, I just listed the 2 golf outfits that I use. Both good but there are others. Thaigerline (Soi Chaipoon) is not a bar, just does golf trips - apparently good, but I've never used them.
  14. I usually use Danny at Le Katai on Soi Lengkee. Also I think Paul is running his trips from the Retox on Soi Honey. Both places have boards outside with trips marked up Mon - Fri. Shame no such service exists in BKK - maybe a business opportunity there? Me and my mate particularly want to play that mad course in the middle of Don Muang airport! Anyone played it? Does the backwash from the jets affect your game? :)
  15. Waddup guys, I'm looking for Bangkok bars that run golf trips. In Patts there are several that run day trips "just for fun". They organise the transport and will hire you some clubs. Is there anything like that in BKK?? PS. I've checked the golf section, and there is nothing relevant there.
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