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  1. An article to give all Arsenal fans optimism - if it's true - we're preparing to take advantage of Martin Jol heading to Fulham by spending £42million for Maarten Stekelenburg, Gregory van der Wiel, and Luis Suarez. The details can be found here. And if that's not enough, we're also linked with French starlet striker Loic Remy.
  2. For all those members who are (or will be) in the London area in late July, this may be of interest ............... http://www.thaifesti...g.uk/index.html
  3. Some BMs have asked about Mods and Admins issuing warnings. The member's warning system is a function that puts a member user on notice for minor indescretions but that are not enough for an ourtright ban. It also allows the Admins & Mods to see whether another Admin / Mod has also addressed the offending poster's topic and when, so that the poster is not punished twice (or more) for the same offence. Every user starts with a warn level of Zero (0) %. Boardies can only see their own warn levels - only Admins and Mods can see other members' warning history. To see the reason for a warning, click on the link marked "Warn Status" under your profile page. Clinking on the link opens a new page showing you, as a member, which Admin or Moderator issue the warning to you and why. The Admin / Mod should have entered a reason at the time of your warning - if not, ask an Admin or Mod find out for you. Offences typically resulting in warnings are (in no particular order): - Insults against the Thai Royal Family - Racist Commentary - References promoting illegal drug use - References promoting violence - Reference to promoting Paedophilia (kiddie-fiddlers) - Homophobic Commentary - Sexually explicit content (except in Forum areas where this is permitted - for Advanced Members only) - General threatening or tasteless messages, abusive or personal attacks against other members, moderators and administrators (bans are at Admin / Mod discretion) - Advertising goods and /or services without Admin authorisation (NB: Moderators CANNOT grant permission for this). - Flaming If you are warned and ignore the warnings, then once the warning level reaches 100% you will find yourself facing a temporary account ban of at least 1 month and possibly a permanent one (the duration is at the Admin's/Mod's discretion, and is based on the boardies' personal account history). Note that if you protest against warning in the open forum, that will result in you receiving another warning. Any disputes against a ban should be sent to the Admin or Mod who issued the warning direct for consideration. Warnings can remain against your account for 30, 60, 90 or 120 days (depending on the offence), after which time they may be reduced or removed at the discretion of the Admin / Mod Team. However, please be aware that extreme cases result in an automatic and outright ban - this is non-negotiable. This thread should be read in conjunction with the forum rules. Please read the rules to ensure that you stay 'on-side'. Rgds Jaco
  4. And that's part of the problem. There are times when players need to win 'dirty' or just shoot to score. We just don't do it!! Great to watch when it comes off though!!
  5. Losing 3-2 to Wigan confirms Arsenal's position in 3rd. We are definitely out of the title race now. As I've said often in the past on PA, Wenger must invest in 3-4 quality players in the summer. I know Vermaelen and Fabregas are injured but we should be beating the likes of Spurs and Wigan. Fabianski & Silvestre have no place in the squad & must be moved on. Eboue and Campbell can be remain as bit-part squad players for us. The over-reliance on young players is evident. Wenger must act soon or his own position may come into question in what is now our 5th trophy-less season.
  6. Been there myself and can vouch for what you say. Met a nice 18 yr old cutie called Pee there for a couple of short-times back in 2006. Great memories!
  7. I banned Fumba - other Mods picked up on the other aliases. If you or any other BMs see spam, please let the mods and admins know. Tks.
  8. Got the same thing & replied to her before reading this thread. She was using BM name "Fumba". I've banned that a/c too.
  9. Useful thread. Do any boardies have any methods, remedies or strategies they wish to share re: handling jet-lag??
  10. Tks Fly - have replied to your PM!
  11. Spotify is a new (well - not so new) way to enjoy music. It's P2P software (peer to peer just like LimeWire or eMule) and its a music streaming service that allows instant listening to specific tracks or albums, with virtually no buffering delay. Music is browsed by the artist, or album, or by record label or by created play lists as well as by direct searches. Spotify is currently only available from IP addresses in Spain, the UK and a handful of other countries, although after signing up it can be used from almost anywhere. A link to the Spotify site is here : http://www.spotify.com/en/ Spotify used to give free invites (there's a standard paid subscription service) but most of them have been shared out & used. If any BMs have spare free Spotify invites left and would like to give a fellow music lover (ie: me!!) a boost, please PM me. Cheers!
  12. Thanks for info. Maybe other Boardies can fill in their views of this place too?
  13. Big game for Arsenal over the weekend peeps? Any predictions on the result? J
  14. Loso mate! Didn't see the game myself but by all accounts we were out-muscled (again). Seems to be that when we're not allowed to play our usual game by the opposition and things get physical, some of our boys go missing. I keep saying we need reinforcements in January and this result is proof positive. We need to win our next two games against Liege and then Chelscum (who are looking awesome, though I hate to admit it!!)
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