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  1. Freinds have also told me about how thin the walls are.... thanks for confirmation... We wont be staying there.
  2. you should all watch Oliver Stones movie Snowden.... they can turn your phone on or off anytime... read all your texts , steal all your photos , contacts , listen to all calls. Nothing on a dumb/smart phone is private...EVER !
  3. the view at Radisson Blu roof top brew pub is just as good and beer is better at a fraction.. i,m not a cheap Charlie either , but i,m not a FOOL.
  4. I have seen website for the Sheraton Grand and the pool is AWESOME . just what i,m looking for as i like to sit around pool with appies and drinks and wi/fi during afternoon for a few hours doing my work etc. However the Hotel is a bit pricey , 3-400 canadian and almost always full. i,m not on expense account , so am looking for similar but a little less...150-200 $ is ok. but i want a pool with some privacy areas and garden/greenery around it...not just a open rectangle lap pool. input mucho appreciated.
  5. is it just me or? but seems this BKK board is terribly out of date ? And less people using it. so many posts , dating 2011- etc.... Seems you can get more up to date info about BKK or Thailand or ???on the Pattaya board or even some of the Philippine boards. I think is time for the ADMIN and MODS to do a clean sweep...? And maybe i will get banned now for critic them?
  6. place was a dump 30 yrs ago and still is... unless you like scum cum on walls and floors and and and... different strokes for different folks...
  7. If you have played Golf and are a golfer...you would realize very quickly , that the Caddies are very good and professional at their respected profession. They probably make double what her husband makes. And they take the job serious. I,ve seen them when not with clients , rolling balls on greens to learn the roll and speed. They are good !!! No need to hustle them..... respect them and the job they do. there are lots of bar girls to fuk and hustle!!!
  8. I have stayed a couple times at this Hotel... It seemed very quiet to me , the lobby bar is awesome, but never anyone there for some reason i could not figure it out.. but i met a couple girls there before going up to room. never a problem. Service and all staff were excellent , room was standard but super clean and comfortable . no complaints. Best thing was Brewskis on the roof...WOW. What a view. I always saw a few FL high end gals there. I met a beautiful Gal there on my last night , she was sitting alone at one of the EDGE sits overlooking city , and looking very lonely and sexxxy. Started a conversation with her and she told me she was a school teacher. So i kinda thought hmmm this is gonna take some time to maybe i should move on...then she hinted she was FL and working also . We had a few more drinks and snacks , and went down to room and she was one of the best i,ve had in BKK.....she really got into it and would not give up on getting my junior up for round 2...she succeeded and got a good tip :) Anyways...got carried away with memory of pussy , SOOOO , yes great hotel. With a weird wine bar just below Brewskis...again, empty.
  9. Thanks for info... How much is the Exec Suite? how is the pool and area? is there good wifi around the pool? thanks CH
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