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  1. Also following this thread with Interest. A couple of questions for those who have recently visited Hua Hin. Acceptable 3 star hotel near the action possibly near Hilton? Do the bars have St rooms? I heard of there once being a soapy. Any info on this?
  2. Just bumping this. Anyone know the current st rates. Was considering it as an option for 10 days in November. Anyone really advise against this. My criteria is to get a 3-4 star hotel close to the action. Have stayed at Nana Hotel in the past. But that was some years ago. Majestic Suites is a possibility but can book out.
  3. I see that Jasmine City Hotel is near Soi Cowboy. Might be a great hotel but puts it out for me. I love to stay in Sukhumvit Nana area where the other two hotels are. It's a twenty year habit that I just can't break. Who knows with the changes being made regarding closure of markets and street food I may have to change my ideas. Perhaps Jakarta and Manila may take the battern.
  4. I have stayed at the Landmark and Majestic Suites. The Landmark is a great hotel ut in my books overpriced. The weekend Smorgasbord used to be great with people coming from all over Bangkok to eat. If I was staying with my lady it would be my choice but if mongering then Majestic Grand all the way. Am heading to Bangkok November and am looking for something in the area if the Majestic Grand is booked out. Not sure what to choose myself. Have not heard a out Jasmine. I would also like to hear opinions.
  5. What is the latest line up and pricing like at CP2. Do you have any other favorite soapies. Have not been to BKK for a few years and my old favourites are closed. Would appreciate any heads up on the current state of soapies.
  6. I also have the issue of being an advanced member but unable to access advanced forums. Does anyone know if there is a resolution to this. Would like to think it will be resolved sooner for my forthcoming trip planning.
  7. Don't think it's the kind of place you would go alone. I have been with 2 or 4 and although selecting items moderately seem always to end up with a banquet.
  8. Just to follow up. My main concern is that it has been stated that it is 800m from Nana. That's quiet a walk when it is hot. Have others found this the deal breaker or does the area offer enough without continually making the walk.
  9. A place I have visited and taken people to a number of times is The Snake Farm (Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute) 1871 Rama IV Road | Phathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand http://www.saovabha.com/en/snakefarm_service.asp Well worth a visit.
  10. Just to bump this. How far down the soi is it. Any nice chilled bars and cheap eats close by?
  11. I have stayed there a couple of times, basic rooms only. What I will never forget is the buffet lunch they have there on a weekend, Saturday from memory. The best I have ever experienced. They have several specialized chefs such as French and Japanese in various sections. Great selection. Filled with locals who are obviously aware of the spread.
  12. I like the Majestic Suites also having stayed there in the past. I have not firmed up the dates yet for the end of the year. Some approx dates I put in for November indicated no room and there might possibly be some issues obtaining rooms here. I am after two rooms, taking my old mate, first time to Thailand. Need to give him his privacy. Just looking at fall back hotels also. The ibis mentioned here is looking good. Any more elaboration on this would be appreciated. The other hotel that raised my interest is Sawadee Hotel in soi 8. Anyone have thoughts on this?
  13. I also don't like the reception safe deposit box idea. Have seen pictures on line however of the refurbished rooms and they appear to have safe deposit box so in the room. I am pursuing other better options in the area. A few of the suggestions mentioned above look better.
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