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  1. I booked my apartment for about 10 days no problem.
  2. I'm paying about $30 per night for an apartment with a washing machine, couch, tv, king size bed, balcony, bathroom, and pool. Before hitting this spot, I was paying $46 per night at a hotel that was smaller and had less amenities, and the location wasn't even as great.
  3. I had a 24 hour layover because Hong Kong airlines is bullshit.. ended up taking a taxi with other people from my flight. Fare wasn't so bad.
  4. I plan on taking a bus from Suvarnabhumi to around the nana area (35 baht), as it is operational 24 hours a day and I will be arriving at 11:55PM. This is at least based off what I saw from a google search.. can anyone else confirm that it runs 24 hours?
  5. I think I will stay at a hostel for my first day. Then after that I booked an airbnb. You guys have any suggestions for a hostel near the suvarnabhumi airport?
  6. How difficult is going to be to grab a cab and go to my hotel? Will they even be up at that hour?
  7. I guess I could grab a taxi if there's a spot still open. I haven't booked a hotel yet, so I'm still figuring out how I'm going to get the logistics done.
  8. I found a few links online but I've read a lot of vaccines outside of the western countries are not very reliable. Anyone have insight?
  9. It's not that weird to me at all. Not everyone like young spinners, but it seems like the types who do like them are the ones tho project their standards on everyone else.
  10. Thailand/Bangkok is similar in some ways yes.. you can go there to find out who you are. Well, you can't kill people like the Man In Black, but you could indulge in your base desires without having anyone to judge you.
  11. I tried the soapy once and it's not my thing. It's too impersonal. She was not into it and just laid there waiting for me to finish.. no intimacy.
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