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  1. Zero problem. If you're coming in to Suvarnabhumi then follow the signs downstairs to the public taxis. Walk outside, get a ticket from the machine then walk over to your taxi.
  2. My thought is more commercial than technical: It makes it easier to sell any one forum if they are stand alone entities. There is no need to "divorce", which is always a good thing.
  3. Getting a 1 year extension of stay for a Non B visa is the most complex of all extensions. The required documentary evidence is complex and copious. It can be done, but you really will need a Thai person to help. You must be in Thailand on the day you submit the application, and you must be in Thailand 1 month later when you collect your extension of stay.
  4. To answer the OP, put 60 days.
  5. That sounds horrific. Has it come back again or is everything ok now? Can you pass it on to other people?
  6. Or you could try St Louis Hospital on Sathorn Road as it will be cheaper. BTS Surasak. Or you could try St Louis Hospital on Sathorn Road as it will be cheaper. BTS Surasak.
  7. Don't posts get locked or archived? Obviously not :(
  8. All Day Tattoo on Sukhumvit, very close to the junction of Sukhumvit and Soi 26. https://www.alldaytattoo.com/
  9. Bangsaen is probably the closest, but it's a bit muddy.
  10. Yes a phone can be stolen, so email the pictures to yourself.
  11. 7-Elevens in Thailand don't have toilets for customers to use.
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