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  1. Big Breasts. What about Ice in shark? btw how do you know a coyote dancer. There was a very energetic dancer in tilac that i liked. I actually went with Pat a couple of times from this bar...nice rack but silcon...fine though. Anyway i digress. There was a dancer at tilac who i really liked but honestly didn't understand a word she said, but everytime i came into the bar she sat with me. Do...

  2. EDIT: only seems to affect my preview, the actual post has the proper formatting. Feel free to delete this thread (I would, but cannot) Never seen this before on a forum, but I just wrote a good size first post, and it comes out as one big block of text - the carriage returns/spacing had been stripped out. I've since tried new and smaller posts, this one included, and get the same thing, it seems to strip out any formatting. In the editor this is three sentences each separated by one line of whitespace. I tested a post on another IP.Board and no problem, very strange that it's only happening on this board.
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