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  1. James Hunt the guys that writes it posted a year or so ago in an old blog of his: "For the past 3 months I've been back in Bangkok after a year long spent entirely in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, working on a new business venture." That was around May 2018 he only did a few more posts after that then nothing all this year.
  2. Not sure if it's still the case but many of the girls I've barfined have told me 'it's haunted' and won't go inside
  3. I stayed at the Pullman when it had another name. It's a good hotel. One thing to note is there is an enternace on the Soi 23 side, you can walk down to Soi cowboy and enter the bacarra end. And walking into the hotel more discreetly bypassing the front desk on the way home. There was just a small sercuity desk sometimes manned when I was there. Isn't there also a new superduppa 'hi-so' club at the Pullman? I guess no freelancers because I've never seen it mentioned here at all, link below: http://www.pullmanbangkokgrandesukhumvit.com/restaurants-bars/club-sx/
  4. Just to add about the smell of talcum get Johnson's Cornstarch same effect no smell.
  5. Terminal 21 Breadtalk - it's on the lowest level turning right as you come off the escalator it's one of the shops around the outside. They have some sourdough that's okay and baguettes not sure about the rest of it.
  6. I stayed there back in the end of 2009 they had a 1000 baht joiner fee. On top of that there was non-stop construction over the road. So, i'm not 100% sure if it's still the same as i'll never stay there again.
  7. Hello, does anyone have any experience staying at the Shama Sukhumvit? Just not sure about joiners fees etc cheers for the help
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