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  1. Invert the proposition: find a sexworker who will clean your room.
  2. You'd be more likely to get recent intel by asking on Pattaya-Addicts.
  3. Repeating what was posted on P-A, there was apparently an incompatibility between the latest version Invision (the forum software) and the Tapatalk forum plugin to that software. So management removed the Tapatalk functionality until Tapatalk updates their code. The forum seems to work pretty well in a smartphone browser. You might give that a go.
  4. Right. Did you check the generic name Sildenafil citrate 100mg? It's all the same if the active ingredient is the same (save of course the buffering agent might affect your stomach differently, or impact on the absorption time.)
  5. Might have a look at viagra 4 thai dot com If you do order from them, use a pseudonym when you order and pay by bank transfer. Reason is that if anyone asks for a tracking number, they'll just send a scanned list of all the Kerry packages going out that day, which includes some people's real names (but not addresses).
  6. And a surprising number of freelancers live down the side sois of On Nut Road and then out along Sukhumvit. Should help with fast delivery from ThaiFriendly.
  7. Disagree. Some hotels specifically state they are a 100% non-smoking facility. And that should be respected so we don't give the tobaccophobes more reason to hate us.
  8. The question frequently comes up about hotels with a balcony and hotels that allow smoking on the balcony. This hotel permits it, confirmed by a manager today. Inference that you need to book a room on a smoking floor. Pricey... only suites, and no info on whether it's joiner friendly but I assume so.
  9. My understanding is that the guy went on multiple review sites, and left reviews that went clearly over the top and far beyond his original grievance, with the apparent goal of damaging the venue's deputation and future revenue. It's those latter points around scope, truthfulness, and ultimate intent that hung the guy. He clearly wanted to screw them, and got screwed in return. Som nam naa...
  10. I haven't mongered in UTH since the original Mister Tong's shut down. Looking forward to hearing the news as well.
  11. Seems to be working again.
  12. Seems to be a lot of problems with B-A right now. Logging out and logging back in doesn't seem to fix them. - Getting a javascript alert with an error message when I try to like a post. - A thread in View New Content won't disappear even though I've read the OP and all 3 replies several times. - A post of mine from yesterday doesn't show up in recent content and is not found in a search for one of its keywords ("Twister") from...
  13. With Apple... you should be able to unless Apple bans it from every country's App Store. All you need do is create a new iTunes account for another country (New Zealand or whatever), sign out of your device's US app store, sign in with the alternate account, download what you want, then switch back to your primary account. The app still functions even though it was downloaded to the device with the non-current iTunes account. Not sure if updates still work, but it's trivial to repeat the process above if not.
  14. This. So much this. If the ladies would just understand the needs of the well-established older gentleman who has the means (and isn't going to pound them raw...) and get on earlier in the day. Of course there's always lack of discrete daytime venues and women not wanting to be seen in a particular light...
  15. Hi Renanchist, 

    I am impressed with your knowledge of Nana Plaza from the golden yaers and also your great memory! You sound like an educated man, I bet you have a good job!

    Thank you for answering that guys question as my memory is not so good.

    Best Wishes,


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