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  1. With Apple... you should be able to unless Apple bans it from every country's App Store. All you need do is create a new iTunes account for another country (New Zealand or whatever), sign out of your device's US app store, sign in with the alternate account, download what you want, then switch back to your primary account. The app still functions even though it was downloaded to the device with the non-current iTunes account. Not sure if updates still work, but it's trivial to repeat the process above if not.
  2. This. So much this. If the ladies would just understand the needs of the well-established older gentleman who has the means (and isn't going to pound them raw...) and get on earlier in the day. Of course there's always lack of discrete daytime venues and women not wanting to be seen in a particular light...
  3. Hi Renanchist, 

    I am impressed with your knowledge of Nana Plaza from the golden yaers and also your great memory! You sound like an educated man, I bet you have a good job!

    Thank you for answering that guys question as my memory is not so good.

    Best Wishes,


  4. "Soapy Bars" means soapie massage? Then that's a yes. But can't say I have a greater interest in anything but the gogos. Really prefer to see the girls in motion. "Other" I chose because I have enough Thai to navigate the Thai-language sideline girls websites and make arrangements.
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