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  1. It is the same building as novotel sukhumvit 4. I've stayed at novotel which was guest friendly. I'm sure ibis style would be guest friendly as well.
  2. I booked novotel soi 4 for my upcoming trip without realizing that it shares the building with ibis. Not sure if check-in reception is shared as well. I should've probably booked my usual mercure soi 11.
  3. I've stayed at Landmark and can confirm it is girl friendly.
  4. It happened to me with hotel.com (non refundable); I called them immediately and it wasn't a problem and changed the dates.
  5. According to mercure website, opening December 2016: http://www.mercure.com/gb/city/hotels-bangkok-v4991.shtml?xtor=SEC-704-goo-[ppc-mer-mar-goo-au-en-th-bro-sear-th-loc]-[mer-v4991-bangkok]-S-[%2Bmercure%20%2Bbangkok]
  6. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/thai-sex-industry-under/2963300.html
  7. soapy massage lee lao dee is worth a try.
  8. your best bet would be Chatuchak Weekend Market (aka jj market) .
  9. 1100 with meow from bangkok city and 1000 frm bangok airport. email: [email protected] phone: 0859 344 475
  10. I've stayed both in landmark and grand swiss. comparing them, is like comparing apple with orange. landmark is much better and luxurious than grand swiss.
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