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  1. Hi, can anyone explain step by step how to take photos off, that i put on the forum? the girl has moved on and i don't want to cause her any trouble! thank you.
  2. nommy


    CHEERS! i'll tell him to 'LAY-LOW' for those 5 days! :ph34r:
  3. nommy


    Hello, a friend of mine will be over-staying about 5 days? its not worth his while crossing the border. So he needs to know how much the fine is at the airport? And will it cause him any trouble the next time he comes back? Thank You!
  4. Hello Peter mac, Well the tours start early in the morning (8-9am?) because it's a whole day thing! So the first day you arrive, maybe the day before ANZAC day? You can spend that day booking into your accommodation(maybe you should book ahead) visiting the war museums,cemetery,bridge and bars?!! i think most of the hotels do tours? certainly the sugar-cane does, it's a nice hotel but there's no TV or fridge if your that way inclined?!! They need to have the numbers to do the tour! so when you arrive let them know! So the next day is ANZAC day?! Up EARLY in the morning to 'hear and see' the d
  5. I was up there for this years ANZAC day, they have a bugle service at dawn with people from both sides of the war! I also went to 'Hellfire Pass' it's about 80kms away from the bridge so you'll find it hard to fit everything into 1 day? 2 trains go over the bridge, 1 early in the morning and 1 in the evening! I stayed in a hotel near the bridge(the sugar-cane i think it was?) it has rooms like chateaus(excuse my French!) that float on the water! This floating hotel organises day trips to Hellfire Pass and other places along the way like erawan waterfalls, elephant rides etc.(UP 2 U)? On the wa
  6. Well, if it's the same Orchid hotel i stayed in on Soi 4 nana? it's fine for the price you pay! BUT the last time i stayed in May there was a big construction site going on out the back that would wake the dead!!! just looked at the map, it was the orchid inn accross the road, so you should be ok?!!
  7. Yeah, i seen Sek Loso in November at the Climax, good music especially his early stuff, He's also very funny, at the start of the nite he said 'Hello all the farlang, I want sex too'!!! i have 2 of his albums given to me for a going away present, always good to be able to sing a little bit of his song 'som sarn' the ladys are always pleasantly suprised... :wub:
  8. You have to read long to learn fast!!! ;)
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