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  1. Fixed-price taxi is now $12 from the queue at the airport. I wouldn't consider any other option. Sit in a tuk tuk in traffic for up to an hour breathing in exhaust fumes for a $10 savings? No thanks.
  2. The human body is a self-cleaning machine. All "detox" drinks, foods, spas, etc., are bullshit with absolutely no basis in science.
  3. All day today, clicking on various topics and specific pages within some topics, I've encountered the following error message: http://www.bangkok-addicts.com/forum/topic/7539-is-this-fantasy-possible/page-3?do=findComment&comment=94955
  4. I think it would be easier to make a list of those hotels that WON'T let you bring in two girls. In my experience (14 years)--and keep in mind that for me, two girls is the rule, rather than the exception--I've NEVER been refused or charged by a hotel for bringing in two, or even three girls. Exactly once in Pattaya I was charged a joiner fee specifically for the second girl (sorry, can't remember the name of the hotel)...but that's it. So I would say that most hotels have no problem with two girls.
  5. Pattaya Addicts Forum seems to be broken...I've tried logging in on several different browsers, and this is what I see every time. Any ideas?
  6. Haven't been in there in years, but in my recollection food was always pretty decent in there. Back in 2006 and prior, they had girls you could barfine! Times change, haha.
  7. I also recommend you take advantage of the Cambodian eVisa; do everything online for $25 US, and you'll breeze through the airport on arrival, and not get a page in your passport eaten up with a huge ugly visa...you just print out the visa they e-mail you twice, and give them one copy when you arrive, one when you leave. Most modern and civilized visa in SEAsia.
  8. Wrong direction if you're looking to save money. For BKK-SRP you're stuck with Bangkok Airways, ridiculously expensive. As a long-time veteran traveler to Cambodia (usually from Thailand), I recommend you fly Air Asia from BKK to PNH (about US $150 RT). Then take a bus (about $12 one-way) to Siem Reap, about 6 hours, decent roads too. Plan on about 3 days there, then take the bus back to Phnom Penh. You can also take a bus from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville if you want to hit the beach. Phnom Penh itself is not for everyone...not too much tourist stuff to see, but it's cheap enough and some decent restaurants, and a healthy bar scene...just don't expect Pattaya or even BKK...but lots of fun can be had, for $40 LT as opposed to around $70 in BKK.
  9. Muggings in BKK are almost non-existent. Bangkok is without a doubt the SAFEST city of 10 million on this sorry-ass earth of ours. Seriously...of course, you must use common sense and keep your wits about you, but I regularly walk Sukhumvit at 3-4 am stumbling drunk, with 5-6k baht in my pocket, as well as a $600 USD cellphone and often a $700 USD camera in a bag as well...I have never felt the least bit threatened or in danger. There is NO big city in the US (or pretty much any other country) I would dare try that in... As long as you are not an asshole, and don't start shit with Thai guys (or douchebag farangs--you know, the bald head, heavily tattooed variety, usually hailing from the British Isles, ahem, ahem--you will be safe.
  10. I always walk my girls from Cowboy back to Town Lodge unless they're wearing high heels or one of us is too drunk, haha. Never had any complaints.
  11. I always walk my girls from Cowboy back to Town Lodge unless they're wearing high heels or one of us is too drunk, haha. Never had any complaints.
  12. Computer hardware costs 30-50% more in Thailand compared to the West. Much better selection in the West also.
  13. That was the Sukhumvit subway station you saw next to Asok BTS...the new train to the airport doesn't go anywhere near Sukhumvit, and the nearest station to Asok (Ratchada at that point) is near the Petchburi subway station a ways north of Sukhumvit.
  14. I got scabies once from a hotel bed in Cambodia. Nasty stuff (I had had it in the US about 25 years prior, too)...if you don't cover your self head to toe with the required medicine completely, and wash every bit of clothing and bedding you have, there are always some that survive...they like between your toes and fingers especially. And they form these little clear bubbles (when they pop, that's how it spreads to others, this clear liquid comes out). EEEWWwwwww! Took me months to get rid of the infestation I picked up in Cambo. Never got them in Thailand.
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