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  1. hello,our last day of holiday is 27th july which i have been informed is a bar closing day,will we get a drink in bangkok on this day before we go to airport late at night.always got one in pattaya,phuket a lot harder,is bangkok strict to the rule. thank you tommy.
  2. hello,i am a meat lover also nice salad and desert to finish,recomendations would be welcome,planning to use eatigo maybe thank you tommy and alison.
  3. thank you,i think we will give it a go has it is right next to our hotel.
  4. hello we where thinking of twenty seven bites in july.not really into seafood,was the meat and deserts ok. thank you tommy and alison
  5. inbangkok for 3 days late july after pattaya,any recomendations for hotel buffet lunch or dinner.staying at well hotel soi 20,but will travel if good recomendation. thank you tommy and alison.
  6. sunderland have confirmed a friendly with tpl side in bangkok on 24th july.bring it on.
  7. anybody stayed at this hotel lately and any info.is this a good soi.
  8. staying a couple of nights at bkk after week in pattaya.only been to bkk for the day before we flew home.looking at booking maxims inn on soi 7/1.is this a good choice of hotel and soi for near by bars.will pay up to 1200 per night.
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