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  1. thanx mrfreeze... not worry about being drunk as i'm not a heavy drink but def want to have it near the beginning of the trip rather than the tail end. last time i had a 3some i was so juiced out couldnt even really keep it up which i still regret till this day you're right about deals, i would think bookig direct would be better but pretty much the same as third party websites... still have a few months to go so we shall see thanx smithzac91... noted about the entrance... guess it will depend on where i'm coming from but i'll just feel more secure if they took the id and also cal
  2. First off, sorry looks like I posted in the wrong forum, I did not see this hotels forum at first. Secondly thank you for your responses, I appreciate them. I was reading reviews of Four Points and Park Plaza on TA and was leaning more towards Four Points and looks like you guys are saying the same, now just to find a good deal. Though the spotty WiFi does make me hesitate a bit. Hopefully get a room with good WiFi or maybe ask to change to a good one. Also sucks about no mirrors but can't have it all. Smithzac91... so looks like bringing 2 girls back to Four Points is no problem, that
  3. Hi, Been reading this forum for a few days and I've learned a lot and even adjusted some of my original plans and thinking about Bangkok. Wanted to ask my first of many questions from now to my trip and probably even during it. I'm planning first ever week long trip to Bangkok for later this year and need help with hotel selection. The 3 I've narrowed down to are Four Points Sheraton, Park Plaza Sukhumvit, and Adelphi Suites at a distance third. A criteria is of course being girl friendly and in my research, that is the case for all 3 of those hotels, correct me if I'm wrong. Price isn
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