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  1. Looks like 1995...horrible, better stay at the Ibis or similar more modern hotels in that price range.
  2. Didnt hear many good things about it. May I ask why you booked that hotel? There must have been better options.
  3. my friend wj, i just discovered your reply. thanks so much. why im asking that? because for me these are essential information regarding a hotel test. cheers, badtaya77 @plahgat: yes, but S15 didn't have a pool afaik. i just had lunch in there today when strolling down sukhumvit road.
  4. looks reall nice....could someone please give us more infos about the noirse problems. and i never was in soi 31...is there a supermarket nearby ( how far?), any bars or massage parlors? how long is the walk to soi cowboy?
  5. How long is the walk to soi cowboy and how far is the next supermarket Away?
  6. What about the sourrounding of the hotel, what is in 300-400m Walking distance? Any shops etc.?
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