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  1. Looks a great bar and will for sure call in for a beer or 3 on next trip :wub:
  2. Hi Guys well a not so good day on Saturday. Its the kind of match that can always go bad, even more so with the injury problems we now have. Seems a lot of the team were not in tune on the day, but it happens. Hopefully it will be a one off blip. RVP injury is something we can do without at this point of the season...fingers crossed he is back as soon as poss
  3. This sounds a great idea! I will look into this next trip for sure..thanks for the info :D
  4. I do have some concerns about Kroenke. It seems he still owes Fiszman most of the money for the shares he bought off him a while back and for me thats a worry. If this is true and he has not paid for them, then why not? is it he does not have whats claimed? If so how will he buy out the rest without borrowing? Now I would not put it past some members of our board to give credit to Kroenke in order to keep the Russian guy out of the way, but this does not do the club any good. We have debts right now that are managable and were self sufficient. But its a fine line and if Kroenke or anyone comes to the point of borrowing then that managable debt becomes something very different. I have heard rumour Kroenke is talking of selling some of his american sports businesses to raise the cash to buy Arsenal out...again this points to the possibility that he does not have the cash available and is maybe not the rich guy everyonethinks he is? who knows! Now this could of course all be just media talk...but only time will tell! One way or another I feel its just a matter of time before someone takes us over, lets just hope it all works out ok and we can carry on doing things the Arsenal Way!
  5. Have heard a bit about Misimovic. Seems a pretty good player and he scores goals too. We could run into problems though signing him, I dont see Wenger paying the 12m wanted but who knows! He would add to the squad thats for sure. I agree though, would rather see Hangerland and Melo join and put some steel into the team. Yes would like a draw today, it would be the best result for us! we live in hope! :)
  6. Well another good day! No slip up thankfully, although I was a little worried we would. 4-1 win...shame we let a goal in again with what seems another lack of concentration. A clean sheet helps build confidence so it would have been useful even though there was no way back for wolves. A break now with Internationals and hopefully we will come back focussed and ready to push on :)
  7. Another good night in the Champions league! 4-1 win and good display apart from their 1 goal, where we were caught out a little. One point needed to guarantee moving into the next stage :)
  8. Yes I would guess April will be more likely than December, but then again I never believed the airport would open when it did but it happened ! so who knows! :)
  9. Yep agree too early to talk about where we finish, its very early days yet. Good signs so far though. Would love to see us buy Hangerland. He would add that bit more to the defence, which has already improved. I think that signing could make that bit of difference that we need and add a bit of competition, which is always good. Would like to see just a couple of older players come in to help the young ones along when things get tougher during the winter. Maybe even Vieira is still a possible come January, and that would help when Song goes off to African Nations Cup....or we will be a bit short of a decent holding midfielder. I cannot see Diarby fitting in there, I am not convinced on him yet! But things are looking good so far, lets hope we can keep it going :)
  10. Yes Think its going to be yet another very successful board! :)
  11. Well a good result today! very happy with the 3-0 win. It has made a big dent in the spuds claim to have overtaken us. I laughed when I read what keane had been saying...all he does is stoke up the pressure on them, so I am happy for him to carry on. At the end of the season the league will prove who is the better of the 2 teams and consequently who has the better squad. If we can keep momentum going now we should be ok with at least finishing in the top 4 again :)
  12. Well we have had a pretty good run recently with some good results. Lost concentration a couple of times but overall pretty good. Next up is the big North London Derby with the spuds! Never an easy game tp predict and I am not gonna try on this one. Depends which Arsenal turn up for the game! we could destroy them if ALL the team are up for it, or we could go to sleep and regret it! But I am hoping for a win although it may be a narrow one! :)
  13. Yes great idea! I have yet to to the Philippines but its in my plans to try out one day so this will be very useful! :)
  14. Yep agree, I can see Vermaelen as a future club captain. He has everything thats needed. He seems to have a bit of that old Arsenal fighting spirit that has been lacking from many in the club recently. Ade...well I am happy he has gone. Good player on his day yes, but all too often gets lazy and not focussed. It was money made and Man City can have him and all that comes with him. He caused problems at his previous club, has done the same with Togo too, then same again at Arsenal...just a matter of time before he causes problems at City! Very frustrating player who has never even managed to work out the offide rule too! Scores some important goals...but so do many other players! This rubbish he is talking on Arsenal pushing him out...he forgets we watched as he tried to get moves to Italy and Spain previous season which he would have taken, so no good him making out he never wanted to leave. Wenger weighed up everything and obviously decided to let him leave this year...good for Ade as he did not want to be at the club and good for us getting rid of trouble! But he should be Man enough to admit he wanted to go and shut that big mouth and leave with dignity!
  15. Yep I could go along with that idea, providing Wenger did buy another quality centre back...as you say Hangerland would be ideal. Song will be going to the African Nations cup so we will be short come January for a few weeks possibly, so it needs looking at. Agree we are a couple of quality players short still...that would make so much difference, and could be the difference between nearly winning and winning silverwear again. The game was very good, and shows we are getting near. Vermaelon is a great signing. Former Ajax captain, and you can see her has that leadership quality about him, and total confidence.
  16. Yep thats a good point whitespider...was not meaning it was bad value, just a sign of the times. Free beer is always a good thing! :)
  17. wow now that really is an unbelievable selling ploy! things never fail to amaze in Thailand! Times are hard I guess!
  18. Hi Loso4ever! Yes agree on the latest CD...takes a little getting used to, but after a few times you get into it. Also there is a new DVD and VCD out of his recent "12 Years Concert" in Bangkok..got my copy on its way from Bangkok already! :huh:
  19. Yes a good win and boost for the kids too. We do have some real talent there for the future! ;)
  20. LOL! yep well I am glad I was wrong on that one! ;) Hopefully we will put a good run together now over next few matches.
  21. Wigan next! after the poor match in the Champions league, hope to see a big improvement for this home match. A Few injuries too dont help, but thats down to a squad thats thin in quality once we lose a couple of players. Not sure on this match, feel it could be close.
  22. Thats kind of what I do Maverick myself. UK being 6 or 7 hours behind I end up all too often going to sleep in LOS what would be night time in the UK. Works as long as you dont expect to see much daylight while in Thailand! Myself I am there for the nights mostly anyway! :) I often have a morning landing on my flights so as long as I can get in my room early will try and sleep a few hours right away so I am fresh for the night. Dont always work out that way and sometimes I still feel jetlag for a few days despite doing this, so not sure its the real answer, bbut might help some :)
  23. Yes was a pretty good game, but yes one we should have won. Not impressed with Adebayor...his actions against RVP and the crowd taunting too was way over the top. Glad to have got rid of him, the man is trouble. Good striker when he can be bothered, but bad attitude all round. City did well, not taking anything from them. Thing with Arsenal is when most top 4 clubs play well they win, Arsenal play well and your never sure what will happen. We lose Arshavin and again we seem to lack that last bit of quality that wins games..Think we should have bought a couple more players to make the difference, but time will tell.
  24. Hmmmmm....well think taking into account safety, I will give siam park a miss! would rather take my chances with the animals at safari world! :) Double pricing well thats pretty standard anywhere on the tourist trail. Might be worth a look for somewhere to go a bit different. I like to do the odd tourist bit now and then just so I can say have done it :)
  25. Man City v Arsenal My prediction for what it is worth (and not a lot lol) is 1-1 draw. With Arshavin out cant see us getting more than that, but hope I am wrong and we pick up all 3 points! :)
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