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  1. I've used Bangkok Smile three times to get my teeth cleaned over the years. They have several locations and a price list on theit website. No complaints, will use then again next month.
  2. Turns out I booked a Deluxe in the old tower by mistake. Managed to have it changed to a Superior Deluxe. I've lost 4sqm but I'm in the new tower. Hopefully that means I won't have a door connecting my room to the next one.
  3. Thanks. Also had it confirmed by the hotel now. I booked it this morning but I'd missed your tip and I'm not sure I've booked a premium room! Got the best price booking via Tripadvisor with the hotel directly. Unfortunately, the booking confirmation doesn't mention the room type but I remember getting the 46sqm room. Size is a big part of the reason why I'm paying a premium versus the Park Plaza Soi 18 (which I almost booked yesterday). Couldn't find their room sizes but the cheaper (superiour, deluxe) rooms looked smaller than even the basic 39sqm room at Legacy Suites.
  4. Legacy Suites Hotel I stayed back in 2011/12 and might be looking to book this place again. As it doesn't feature on any of the sites listing visitor friendly hotels, I wanted to check whether anyone on here could confirm, please. Not to be confused with the Legacy Express.
  5. Thanks. Also had both hotels confirm it now. I'm starting to lean towards Soi 18 as well. I was about to book when I noticed a special offer for a place I've stayed before. I'll search first but might have to open another thread to confirm it hasn't introduced a joiner fee in the last 7 years.
  6. I've only so far been able to confirm that the Park Plaza Soi 18 is guest friendly. Park Plaza Sukhumvit is about the same price but a little closer to the action. Have any of you stayed there before?
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