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  1. Last 8 days to go, wait for me BKK

    1. ianjamesmax


      You should be there now.Have a good one!!

  2. last 2 days to fill every holes where the thai girls have:-)

  3. last 8 days to go, wait for me BKK, pussies, boobies, asses, mouths:-)

  4. last 10 days to be in BKK to have wonderful massages

  5. are those recommended Italian pizzerias offers free delivery?
  6. Sheraton Grand Sukhumvit offers 3 times open buffet meals a day, little bit expensive but if you looking fresh, delicious, quality meal, so go there...
  7. hi there, unfortunately I erased them accidentally when I upgrade my laptop. but I will visit BKK end of Dec. so I will try to send them.

  8. hello, I really like your post... could you send me some of those photos that you mentioned in your post.. thanks in advance.

  9. Hello.. Trying to get access to advanced members area.. It seems I have to be added by mod or admin.. Could you please help

  10. I prefer to use Google translators. it is free and you can hear the pronunciation.
  11. Yes, I stayed there and the rooms are expensive but guest friendly also open buffet breakfast they serve and it is free for two. means you can bring your lady friend to the breakfast. it is very close to the train and bus station. close to sweet mango massage parlor. and the mall you can find everything is just next to the hotel. enjoy
  12. waiting desperately for my next BKK visit

  13. could you share with us what is your best experience and worst experience in BKK on getting services from clubs, massage parlors or escort companies?
  14. Emporium Suites is definitely GF friendly. I stayed there in May. little bit expensive thou... only suites were available and I paid around 4000TBH per night. clean, nice view, large, comfortable bed, free internet etc.. and just next to the train line.
  15. what about burger king or mcdonald's anyone has any problem at those restaurants in BKK?
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