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    Table Tennsi

    I was a top local league player back in the UK, but I cannot find anywhere decent to play in the 6 years I have lived in Thailand...what clubs or centres exist are only for the Thais, not for farangs. Having said that, you are most welcome to come to Mahachai in Samutsakhon province -about 25 miles from Bangkok - to play and practice at my place, I have my own table and equipment.
  2. I can't believe that this topic has had nearly 4000 views but only one player has asked me for a game!! Maybe goes to prove that table-tennis is not a very popular sport here in Thailand, a fact borne out by the extreme shortage of decent playing facilities...certainly, serious competitions seem to be few and far between, what ones exist are just for the Thais not for farangs...unless someone knows different?!
  3. Anyone fancy a game of chess in the Samut Sakhon area? More than welcome to come to our house for a game, can use a chess clock if required...text me on 0871613885. Pete.
  4. Hello edwinengine, Its a problem to know where to play in Bangkok, places exist but seemingly only for the top Thai players... I am in Mahachai, Samutsakhon about 50 minutes south of the capital; have my own table and equipment... I can play most days, let me know if you can get to Mahachai at any time, my wife and I will be pleased to welcome you...
  5. Yes Tom, am still looking...did you get my reply that went directly to you on Thursday?? Does anyone know where the top Thai players train/play in BKK?
  6. Thailien, are you still available for a knock??
  7. I'm coming over again this week, and I'm bringing a list of venues with tables with me...if you fancy meeting up for a knock you can reach me via this site. Regards, Pete
  8. Hi there, Myself and a table-tennis colleague are searching for a place to have a knock within the next few days/weeks...we are both over here in Thailand at present. We both play in local leagues back home. Indoor tables seem to be sadly lacking in Thailand, would it be possible to come along and play against you/each other? I look forward to hearing from you, best wishes, Pete
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