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  1. I am interested shopping from the wholesaler. In the street,there are wholesalers are sales them products. We can get or buy the specific thing or product in cheap price than the mall or in other shop.
  2. I heard about the Thailand festivals, Thailand's festivals are different from the INDIA and other country.There is list of the some Thai festivals: 1)The Ghost Festival 2)Christmas in Thailand 3)The King's Birthday 4)Constitution Day 5)Coronation Day 6)Ploughing Ceremony
  3. In the Thailand, There is great technology in the hospitals.The technique of the treatment in the Thailand is awesome. The medical service of the bangkok is extremely well and nice for the any type of disease.
  4. More favourite sports of the people in the Thailand is Golf. There is a big place for the golf course in the bangkok. The lovers of the golf,who interested in the golf are trained at the golf course in the Bangkok.
  5. There is a big Canterbury Tales Cafe & Bookshop in the pattaya.Pattaya is lovely place to visit in the Thailand. Canterbury tales cafe is famous in all over the world.Ther is also famous bookshop in the pattaya.Pattaya is the city where we can find all the life related things.
  6. Darjeeling is one of the nice city in the world. It is visitor city.There are many hotels in the Darjeeling. There are 72 hotels in the Darjeeling.Name of some hotels in Darjeeling are: 1)Windamere Hotel 2)Elgin Darjeeling 3)Olde Main Bellevue Heritage Hotel 4)Dekeling Hotel 5)Shangrila Regency
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