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  1. please update me to advanced. i've been waiting for 3 months!

  2. Do moderators exist?

  3. Does this forum ever upgrade members? Been waiting for a while now...

  4. Awaiting to be knighted as An Advanced Member Yo

  5. Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely be sharing these details with my friends to decide if we go or not.
  6. Wow. All those condiments. All those colors. I love Thai food, and I'm lucky since I'm in LA, CA which is the largest Thai community in LA. GOod Thai food here no doubt but I want the real shit!!! And end up paying 2 dollars for it at most!!!
  7. Any Chicago style pizza out in BKK?
  8. I cannot wait to ravage on seafood when I get to BKK. $50 USD for all that? Gimme that now! I will gladly pay for it!
  9. I've had a full english brekkie for the first time last year, 2010, in the Phils. It was awesome! I'm an American so our brekkie is way more simple than your awesome morning gluttony adventure. Thanks for the tips. I'll have several of these with my morning beers!
  10. The bargirl must've been hella fine! :lol:
  11. I wouldn't be a fan of the litter... I can agree with the concerned Thais that much. That street after the mobile bar closed down is filthy!
  12. Homeboy better be Jesus for the Thais to vote him into office.
  13. LOL. Sucks that the broad won't be gettin' that cheese!!!
  14. Hello team, This August will be my first trip to BKK and I'll be staying in Novotel Hotel in Siam Square. I'm close to Soi Cowboy so I'm happy, but my friend booked the spot so I'm not sure if it's monger friendly or not. If anyone has an idea, it'll be appreciated! Thanks!
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